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Does Prince Charles have Hemophilia?

I think I heard years back that like a lot of royalty Prince Charles has Hemophilia from his Mother's side. I also heard that Diana did not carry the gene so William and Harry do not have it. Is Prince Charles given treatments for it and if so how can they be sure he does not contract AIDS from the treatments?

Charles does not have Hemophilia;there is a difference between carrying the gene and having the disease.He does not need treatments for a disease he doesn't have.

Queen Victoria was a carrier of hemophilia (or haemophilia). However, neither of her great-great grandchildren (The Queen and Prince Philip) carry the gene therefore Prince Charles is not a hemophiliac.

Even if he was, in the UK all blood donations are screened for HIV. There are very few HIV cases in the UK due to blood transfusions.

B.E.C - As hemophilia is an X-linked disorder, if a male carries the gene for hemophilia, he is a hemophiliac. A female needs two copies to be a hemophiliac and female hemophiliacs are incredibly rare.

Prince Charles is not a hemophiliac, end of discussion.

No, but he has camilliosis

No,he doesn't.

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