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For your American Hating Foreigners? If you hate us so much, then....?

you must hate everything about us right? So you should distance yourself as much as possible right? So you should stand fast in your convictions... like by giving up all of your american products. Such as the Internet, dev. by and for the American Military, or your computer in general. OH, and your cars, your television, electricity, vaccines, water pumps, indoor plumbing, refrigeration, air conditioning etc.. You can't even harvest your own crops, seeing as again, AMERICAN MADE.
So when you are sitting alone in the dark, quietly, starving, plagued, and overheating, you will be an even better target for us to conquer. Are you willing to do all of that for your convictions. Its not like your govt. would be able to help, since they are most likely receiving American Foreign Aid.
So good luck to you.

sure there are americans who hate foreigners and those who act like asses for no reason should also be put in their places. I'm not denying that at all, however I get really tired of other countries criticizing us and acting like hypocrits!

You get a standing ovation!

Since when could you not like certain parts of things.
Two way street and all... what a hypocrisy in America!

OMG such a huge trade deficit with China. Don't see America not trading anymore with China. Report It

Most of us don't hate America, just the actions of your government. There is a difference.

You're playing right into their hands. Please don't do it.

But we will expect a "thank you" when the world is a safer place.

Americans make stuff? Why is all my stuff from China?
And, Americans hate foreigners too. It's a two way street. Where is your criticism of Americans?

Do you know why they hate us? Do you realize how many innocent people we kill all over the world? Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. We KILL thousands with our air raids that our media never shows us.

I love America and am glad I live here than anywhere else in the world. But when you want to talk hypocrisy, you must be fair and include us in the argument. No country has its hands clean.

I appreciate your sentiment - deeply.
But this is a questions forum.

I do not hate foreigners. I dislike illegal aliens and that includes those whose visas run out.

Most countries just wait for the US to fix things around the world, then when we start to do something they will criticize the US government for not doing it the way they would have.

No one will ever be 100% supportive of the US and the US government. They will talk bad about the decisions made by our government but they will be the first to ask for aid when something happens.

We should tell the rest of the world to F*ck off and start worrying about ourselves. I know it is easier said than done!

You are the only country in the modern world whose got the nerve to militarily INVADE other countries. For whatever pretext you have, trade statistics show that most of the products you sell are made in Asia and your raw materials are fast depleting. If all countries close borders from trade, USA residents is second to kill each other, next to middle east. American Made what? Your country's production of good brains and education is fast depleting. Look at the Made in ____ in your stores!! Bark bark bark.

If you don't want to be hated, TRADE FAIRLY! Do not invade! Do not exploit the resources of the small countries!

Bark bark bark.

When I lived overseas, our appliances were made in either Australia, Japan or the middle east (our stove had the instructions in Arabic), our car was made in Indonesia as were most of our clothes (and they still are here), so those aren't exclusively American items. Most of the crops were harvested by hand and bought in a street market, not bought at an American corporation like Costco. All the medicine our Scottish doctor gave us was shipped from India. And I never met anyone who didn't like Americans.
Incidentally, indoor plumbing is an ancient Roman invention.

Hmmm how to answer--

On the one hand, I totally agree- If a person dislikes the US so very much, then a rejection of all US-made products and US-developed technology would seem so reasonable....

On the other hand, the US was founded on Christian beliefs and ideals- "Love thy neighbor, bless them that curse you..." I'm inclined to say, go ahead and let them hate us. We'll be the "bigger man" and continue to live by our convictions.

In the meantime, I think that each culture should publish a book about their culture- what behaviors are taboo, rude, how to compliment, etc.... Then we wouldn't look so incredibly rude... We really don't try to be jerks when we go to other countries, we are simply naive... so help us out!!

I like America but where do you get off thinking that everything is made in America, cars are made elsewhere, the web was not invented by the USA, and other military eg the SAS are just as good as the USA...

I love my country but this is a two way street! Plus the do not like us forcing our religous beliefs on them.

wow you got your hands full on this one agree with you..and agree with somethings others have mentioned on here..just too much for me to think about right now. Nice topic though..really gets people going!!

I don't hate the US and never will.I consider your country a friend.Friends should accept each other but should also be able to speak up when one thinks the other is making a mistake.
If all you want to hear from me is that the US is great,we are not equal and therefor we can not be friends.Don't mistake being critical with hate.I hope my friends will let me know if they think I'm screwing up.I'd prefer that to them agreeing with everything I did just to keep me happy.People who are friendly all the time aren't friends.Please don't get them mixed up.
On the American products,that's just laughable.Even in your own country a lot of people prefer Asian goods.And if your plan goes through your economy would totally collapse,you can not survive without our markets.
Maybe this wasn't a question for me,seeing I don't hate the US but I feel you could use this perspective.I love America but my love is not blind and doesn't justify everything that every US government at any moment does.
Friends forever?

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