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Could You please help me with these five questions about Jonas Salk, the dude who invented the polio vaccine??

. Did his work influence the work of others?

. Was he alone in making the vaccine or were there others with him?

. Did he get anywhere in his search for an AIDs vaccine?

. How did the doctors that he was 鈥渃ompeting鈥?with to find a cure first react when Salk found the cure first?

. Was there anything specific that turned him away from a legal career and on to a medical one early in his college career?

consider google to be your best friend from now on.

interesting question....would these clerics that stopped the children from getting a polio shot and subsequently died, be guilty of manslaughter? can they be prosecuted for manslaughter in a civil court or a cleric court, under muslim law? Report It

Hold on, I know about that dude! But how do you answer questions? Report It

I don't know if this will be of any help. It's his bio.

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