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How long is AIDS airborn?

If a person is absent from a dwelling for 1 year, is the Aids virus still airboen?

WOW it is 2006 and someone actually thinks AIDS is airborne?
HIV which progresses into AIDS is a blood borne pathogen.
get your facts!!!!! Educate yourself

AIDS virus does not have airborn capabilities yet.

As a healthcare professional AIDS is not an airborne virus.

The aids virus is only transmittable via body fluids and does not survive for very long outside the body.

AIDS is not and never will be an airborne can only contract it via exchanges of bodily fluids..the only thing that may harm you in the flat is damp.

AIDS is not airborn.


The AIDS Virus dies almost instantly as it comes into contact with air. Unlike Hepatitis C that can live longer in air or in tattoo inks as well.

t. b. is airborne.. not aids.. which dies pretty quickly on surfaces actually. it is the body fluids that enter.. bloodstream through cuts etc.. that you have to worry about. touching contaminated blood and other fluids and having a cut on your body. you should protect..yourself from body fluid contamination..but if you move into a house where someone with aids lived.. you cant contract it that way. check with your local health department for indepth information..they provide.. brochures..testing, safe sex kites and condoms.. to public and it is all confidential.

HIV dies when it comes into contact with the air.

AIDS is totally not airborn

the aids virus/hiv virus dies on air contact

The virus dies the second it leaves the body. So no worries about your house, There is absolutely no chance of any risk at all.

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