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How long can a person live with with the full blown aids virus, also can they fight off the flu, common colds?

How long can a person live with with the full blown aids virus, also can they fight off the flu, common colds?

We don't really use the term "full blown AIDS" anymore. Most often we look at T-cell counts. T-cells are in your blood. They are part of the immune system. They are what identify things that make you sick. HIV attacks T-cells and eventually kills them all off.

We also look at something called a "viral load." It simply tells how much of the virus is in your blood.

The lower your T-cells are, and the higher your viral load is - the sicker you may become.

If a person with AIDS takes their medications they can live a long and healthy life. I have known people with less than 10 T-cells who have been relatively healthy for a few years. There are medications that can prevent other types of infections that affect people with AIDS too.

So, how long can you live? No one really knows. With medications, people with AIDS can live long and healthy lives.

For someone with a badly damaged immune system and not recieving medical care - a common cold or the flu can lead to other infections that eventually could kill the person.

With a full blown AIDS virus, a person may live upto 5 years of so, if he doesnt suffer from flu, common cold etc. In case he suffers from those flu and common cold, they can't be cured, because AIDS virus will destroy the human immune system.

it has been said that if they take their meds then they can live up to five years. no you cant fight off any viruse due to the fact you have no immune system anymore. that is what AIDS does, it kills your immune system, so you could die from a cold alone if you arent careful.

From full blown AIDS virus I assume some other infections are also present or showing there signs.
Now with the help of antiviral drugs like ZUDOVIDINE viral load can be kept in control and quality of life is improved . But precautions are necessary to avoid any infection.
let me remind you that aids is all about virus load and the antibodies load your body make to kill these virus anything which will be more the balance will move on that side.Being HIV positive is not same as having AIDS now its called as AIDS related complex.
Good diet, exercise,stress reduction and antiviral medications still keep immune system up and affect the life expectancy.
Think about Magic Johnson! NBA player

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