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Is is true that the AIDS virus can penetrate a latex condom?

Is is true that the AIDS virus can penetrate a latex condom?

Look a condom is like our skin, it has pours right so if I was you buddy or gurlie I would think twice before having sex with someone that has aids or if you have aids just masterbate by your self. Condoms are like anything else man-made, they are not 100% graunteed...So the truth of the matter is the way I see it, there is no matter if a condom is used it will fail sooner or later and then you will either catch the monkey/ape disease or might not so just roll the dice and see if you crap out. Do you feel lucky?

NO but recent studies I dont know.

Nope! But if the condom fails then yes.

I don't think that a condom is poreus, otherwise it wouldn't be 100 % effective if used properly. So if the sperm can't go through how do you think the virus will go through.

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