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Did the AIDS virus really come to America from Haiti?

I just read how some scientists are claiming that the virus came to America around 1969 through ONE (yeah that's right one) Haitian immigrant who is responsible for the virus which has infected so many Americans. Is it is even possible that one person can be responsible for epidemic being that he/she came less than 40 years ago? Do you think this is fact or do you think that they are just trying to place the blame of AIDS on the Haitian community? Please, only answer this question if you have already heard about this claim.

How can ONE person who came less than 40 years ago be responsible for the infection of MILLIONS of AIDS victims. It is bogus!!! Why did they go and study the bodies of those Haitians first before anybody else? Sounds like they knew what explanation they were looking for and supposedly found it. If you really wanted to find out when it came here, they should have dug up everyone's body who died in that decade and researched it. How do you know that the immigrant didn't get the virus when he/she came here? There are too many implications for it to be true. And finally, who cares how it came to America, it is already here!!! We should be trying to find a cure instead!!! AIDS is all over the world now and would have found its way over here regardless. Why not spend your time and money on finding a cure for AIDS instead of worrying about when it came which provides no solutions. This just shows that these scientists have their own interests in covering how AIDS really came about, through MAN-MADE work. They need to stop trying to find ways to place the blame on the black community and find a cure for a disease that is killing MILLIONS of people annually.

by Village Voice
Monday, 03 May 2004
Village Voice (New York, NY), May 4, 2004

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The Origins of AIDS. By now it seems clear that AIDS was born from contact between humans and chimpanzees infected by the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus. Peter Chappell and Catherine Peix's highly disquieting doc explores the possibility that the devastating transfer was inadvertently caused by scientists. Witnesses recount how chimps were used in the manufacture of virologist Hilary Koprowski's experimental polio vaccine in Africa; he denies all knowledge of the matter. Elliott Stein

another older theory is that Swedish scientists manufactured the virus and used africans as guinea pigs to see how it would grow. Things got out of hand and they never made an antitdote and thus resulted in what we have today

Many african american people believe it was done as a means of depopulating the black culture. read the link below

I read the article and was convinced by the evidence. A virus like HIV is dangerous because it lies dormant for so long, so people can feel perfectly healthy for years and spread the virus. Given this, I think it is plausible.

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