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Why is the AIDS virus more common among Gay people?

Why is the AIDS virus more common among Gay people?

It's not. You know, while you're on the internet you could do a little research. You MIGHT learn something!! :@)

"Since it is not transmitted in every act of intercourse by a virus carrier, experts said, the disease might not spread widely from a small number of carriers unless they engaged in frequent intercourse with a large number of partners, a condition that was met among male homosexual populations in some cities in the 1970's."

Just over half of Americans with the infection are gay men. (For various other reasons, other communities hit hard are intravenous drug users, sex workers, and African-Americans.) But globally, most with the infection are heterosexual women.
HIV is more easily contractible through anal sex as opposed to other modes of sex. Men in general are also more promiscuous (anonymous sex, one night stands, many partners, etc.) than women, so imagine what kind of sex a society of men-for-men is having. Of course, this should not generalize all gay men. I have also heard of a drug problem in the gay community. That along with risky sex is could be another factor.

But PLEASE, do not let these issues affect the way you see gay people in general. A large number of men (gay and straight) have no desire to be promiscuous, and most do not abuse drugs.

Actually, that is not the case anymore. When it was first discovered, it was present largely in the gay community becuase anal sex is more risky than vaginal, which made it easier for the disease to spread among people who were having this kind of intercourse, which at the time were largely gay people. But since then the disease has spread outside the gay community, and actually the most at-risk group for AIDS right now is black women, due to the serious problems with the disease in Africa.

Assuming that you mean in the USA...among gay males, certain sexual practices increase the risk. However, worldwide, particularly in Africa where the virus originated , the virus is passed from one person to another by promiscuous behaviors and is found more commonly in the heterosexual community although the gay community in Africa is also fraught with the disease. . It is the behaviors that spread the virus. These behaviors were forbidden more than 2000 years ago in the bible when we lacked the science to explain the spread of viruses and diseases. I personally feel that this is proof that there is indeed a Higher Power, watching over us and directing us through the bible to have healthier and happier lives.

Actually it isn't it鈥檚 made to appear that way but that isn't the real case. Far more straight people have the virus than do gay people. And far more black people have it than do other nationalities because any same sex practices between blacks are usually kept in secret for fear of the consequences. This is especially true in the south where people are not treated or educated properly on the subject due to narrow-minded religious beliefs. It鈥檚 so prevalent now a days because people are no longer being educated on it and as a result some don't even know it exists. So they run around having unprotected sex with tons of people never knowing who has it or who doesn't. Stupidity is how it spreads.

At the beginning of AIDS epidemy, homosdexuals were most severely hit that heterosexuals because intestines walls are easily permeable to the virus, and thus unprotected anal sex was the transmission vector in homosexuals.

But nowadays statistics reveal that the percentage of tthe heterosexuals population infected is greater thant the percentage in the Gay one.

Again a groundless prejudice about homosexuals!

It isn't.

5-10 percent of HIV infections are attributed to sexual relations between people of the same sex.

11 percent of HIV infections are among babies who acquire the virus from their mothers; 10 percent result from injecting drug use; and 5-10 percent occur in healthcare settings. Sex between men and women accounts for the remaining proportion 鈥?around two thirds of new infections.

Why are women so oppressed in Islam?

This is exactly what you are doing with your question. Please educate your self about homosexuality and AIDS before making such judgments. Stop listening to the Imam at the mosque and think for yourself for once. Because two can play the game you wanna play.

Edit: To answer your question.

"Globally, around 11% of HIV infections are among babies who acquire the virus from their mothers; 10% result from injecting drug use; 5-10% are due to sex between men; and 5-10% occur in health care settings. Sex between men and women accounts for the remaining proportion 鈥?around two thirds of new infections. "

This is based on the UNAIDS 2008 Report on the global AIDS epidemic.

I'm pretty sure this risk of getting AIDS is greater because of male-to-male sexual relations. I'm not really sure what these other commenters are talking about.

And I believe the reason it's higher in gays is because of the way they have sex. In heterosexual sex a male can easily give it to a female, but a female can not easily give it to a male. Whereas in gay sex, both partners have an equal possibility of transmitting the disease to their partner. Which is then fueled by the fact that gays are in general more sexually active that heterosexuals.

(Deal with it guys, it's true in general. I'm not saying all gays are super sexually active. And it's also said relative to heteros, which is generally limited because women won't as willingly have sex. And I'm not a hater, because I'm gay too.)

"common" is a tricky word. you have to look at the commonality from a proportional point of view, not a strict numbers game. that's why it's called an epidemic in the male/male sex community. because there is a higher rate there than other groups. which doesn't mean it's common, or that there are purely more individual people with AIDS. personally I think it's stupid to call certain things "epidemics" because it makes them sound common, when really it's 1% of a population.

I don't have data on AIDS (the later stages of an HIV infection) at my finger tips at the moment. However, I do have data regarding new HIV infections. Based on CDC estimates of 2006 infections, new HIV infections were more common in gay and bisexual males than high-risk heterosexual contact.

"The new estimates show that gay and bisexual men of all races and ethnicities and African American men and women are the groups most affected by HIV. Fifty three percent of all new infections in 2006 occurred in gay and bisexual men. African Americans, while comprising 13 percent of the US population, accounted for 45 percent of the new HIV infections in 2006." - CDC

"Findings documented reductions in new infections among both injecting drug users and heterosexuals over time. Yet, the findings also indicate that HIV incidence has been steadily increasing among gay and bisexual men since the early 1990s, confirming a trend suggested by prior data showing increases in risk behavior, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV diagnoses in this population throughout the past decade." -CDC

First of all it isn't..its just a matter made a s a famous issue by media!!
It so happened that the first cases of AIDS in America were homosexuals. As usually gays only have sex with other gays, then the disease has first grown in the homosexual community. But the bondaries started leaking since people who were in the closet went back home with the disease they transmitted to their wives, then their next born children.
In 2007 there were supposedly around 33.5 million people that had AIDS, most of those are/were not homosexuals.

Hope this helps!!

Simple, it's not. Look at some statistics.

And the reason the virus was first seen in homosexuals first has a very, very simple reason. We were in the "free sex!" days, and while everyone was getting laid... if you think about how often men want sex, and how easy it must have been to get it as a gay male... 'nuff said.

Do more thinking... it's not hard.

Thats untrue, this is a common misconception I think because the AIDS/HIV virus was brought to the US by a gay man, he was a european flight attendant who had AIDS he came here on a flight into California and he visited a bath house and gave AIDS to many American men then at least one of those men donated to a blood bank and the AIDs epidemic statred to spread, so in America it did start in the gay community thats why people might think more gays have AIDS

I believe it's a myth. They first found that disease on a gay person, that's why people think only gay people can have it, or more gay people have it.

Its not any more, the incidence of heterosexual transmission is rising at an alarming rate, but it is because gay people have more, casual, unprotected sex than heterosexuals do

It actually isnt.

Most people assume it is because they believe that men dont bother to wear condoms when having sexual activity with other males.

Because of that, most people think it is.

it isnt. its more common in heterosexuals and as of now latinos(do the research people). however it affect people who dont use protection or use needles and stuff like that.

It isnt it only is more common among gay people in the u.s. World wide heterosexual people take up the vast majority of people with aids( btw aids isnt a virus hiv is)

Straight people like you think you are safe so you don't use protection.

That is why more straight people have AIDs than gay.

Stop living in the past.

It's not. That's a stereotype, because dumb people believe that all gays go sleeping around.

It isn't. Vastly more straight people have HIV than gay people.

That is a myth. It more common among heters.

no not true , it depends on the person not his/her sexuality

it isnt..

is it??

It should be but it ain't.

Is it prevalent among heteros coz the people who tried "gayness" just to be trendy became hetero again caused the spread?

who was the first guy to jab the monkey, that's what I want to know!

I may be wrong ,but I always thought it was because gays have lots of sex partners and their sex is more bloody and Aids is transmitted mainly through blood.

I MEAN NO HARM!!!!!!! But I think the aids virus is nothing more than a curse from the LORD. Take it for what it's worth!!!

because guys are more promiscuos

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