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I need help with these biology questions. Could you please help me?

1. When an antibody attaches to a virus, what occurs?

A. The virus is destroyed.
B. The virus replicates.
C. The antibody turns into a T cell.
D. The antibody turns into a macrophage.

2. Which description best fits the role of macrophages?

A. Macrophages make T cells.
B. Macrophages make memory cells.
C. Macrophages engulf pathogens.
D. Macrophages trigger allergies.

3. Which statement correctly describes the immune system of a person with AIDS?

A. It has many memory cells.
B. It uses only the humoral response.
C. The number of helper T cells is low.
D. It has more antibodies than it can use.

4. Which statement applies to viral pathogens but not bacterial pathogens?

A. They all cause the influenza disease.
B. Antibiotics have no effect on them.
C. They all cause an autoimmune response.
D. Doctors have had much success treating the diseases they cause.




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