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Has anyone figured out how to reliably and safely get anti-hiv medication without a prescription?

For instance, like Truvada? I probably should have been more specific with anti-retrovirals.

i dont think their is such a thing.


what is Anti-HIV medication?

Why would you want to? No!!! Rubber, condom or whatever!

why would you want to risk getting (probable) fake drugs when your life is depending on them?

why would you want to? there is so much experimental things going on. It would be best to go to your doctor or local clinic?

Yes, in fact there are two: condoms and abstinence. Hope this helped!

there isnt an anti-hiv medication and there will never be one...maybe a vaccine someday...but not medication
use a condom and choose your partners with care

I don't think there is such a way. Plus, if there was, do you really want to gamble your life with a shadey way of getting medication? Just a thought....

There is none. It's called just being safe. Use condoms, be tested, have your partner be tested, etc etc..

there isnt such a thing. but there is medication that you can take if youve been exposed to hiv that you get from the e.r. but there is not something you can take to make you immune. i wish there was.

no and if you want to sleep wit a person with hiv i wouldnt do it

Nothing such exists in a pill form, one day, maybe there will be.
And if it did exist-- I would push for it to be over-the-counter for the sake of humanity.

This is interesting... I've never heard of anyone even proposing to buy a preventative HIV pill. I thought it was common knowledge there is no pill protection. Hmm.

To date, I don't think that "cure" still exists. All the more reason, I believe, that you should get your medicines from a reliable, and qualified health practitioner. The studies for HIV medications are varied and confusing and practically begs to have a doctor explaining what exactly it does.
Your best bet is to have a doctor friend get the medicines for you.

There is no medication which will prevent you from contracting HIV, but there is a coarse of pills which you can take as a kind of "morning after" treatment. If you have an accident- say a condom breaks- and you think you may have been exposed to the virus, your doctor can provide the treatment, but I can't remember the time window. I think you have 36 hrs? to start the pills for them to work. I don't think I'd trust getting something like this anywhere except from a doctor. It's just not worth the risk, and you'd have to have a blood test afterwards, to make sure the drugs worked.

Oh my word! Have people never heard of ARV's before? Everyone is saying, "Such things don't exist!" Seriously people, they treat HIV using anti-retro-viral treatment.
It hinders the replication of the virus. Duh! Of course there is no cure or vaccine, but I ASSUMED when I read the question that he meant ARV's...

Now, to answer the question:
Anti-retrovirals are still officially in the experimental stage. Experimental drugs can ONLY be administered under prescription.
That is International Drug Law.
Experimental meds are never sold over-the-counter.

You also have to sign indemnity to be given ARV's.

Why don't you want to get a prescription for anti-retro-virals? Go and ask a doctor to write you a prescription! The sky will not come crashing down, and your world will still turn; I promise.

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