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How long does it usually take with medicine for Hiv to turn into Aids?

And then how long does it take again with medicine for Aids to kill a person?

9 to 10 years before it turns to aids without treatment, i think u can cure hiv, not sure tho

It is still kind of random.

A good friend of mine has been HIV positive for about 10 years.

Magic Johnson was diagnosed HIV positive like 25 years ago or something like that.

Both are still otherwise healthy and still don't have AIDS.

Other people don't respond to the medication and get AIDS pretty quickly.

I think once HIV becomes AIDS, the process is fairly quick... but again it depends on the person's response to the meds.

You can live a full life if you are on medication and you stay healthy.I hear,When my brother finally got tested he was already in the AIDS stages,but we think he had HIV for probably six.years before it killed him.I don't know for sure when it turned into advanced AIDS,but looking back i think he lived three years with AIDS,just getting worse and worse ,he lived three mo. after we found out.But he never took the medicine maybe a was just to advanced,There are different strains,that attack your body differently,the type my bro. had attacked his brain and it was very aggressive.I don't think you can actually pin point a time frame there are alot of factors that go into it.

It depends ...If you are diagnosed at the early stages of HIV and you live a pretty healthy life can live for a long time. Before in the 80's people who got HIV lived only five ten years but now we have a lot of really good drugs to slow down The HIV from turning in to AIDs

It depends on your body, how you take care of yourself, the type of meds you are on, how well you follow the routine of your meds, and how advanced your HIV is to begin with. Without treatment the average is about 8-10 years to develop AIDS unless you are using illegal drugs or are damaging your bodies immune system in some other way. If you are exposed to several illnesses, colds, flu, or whatever, you will progress faster without meds. With meds however, it could take decades to progress from HIV positive to AIDS. I know people who are still living life to the fullest, 15-20 years after they found out they have HIV. Just do not stop taking your meds unless directed to by your doctor no matter how good you feel. Once HIV changes to AIDS, it can be a matter of weeks, months, or even a year or two before death.

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