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Can you really get aids or hiv by sharing chapstick/lipgloss/lipstick?

Can you really get aids or hiv by sharing chapstick/lipgloss/lipstick?

It would take many gallons (3 or more) of saliva to transmit enough of the HIV virus to infect you.

No you cannot.

not hiv but hipatitis c

No, body fluids must be transmited in order to get hiv/aids.

I guess if there is saliva on it it could happen. Best to keep your own not risk it.

no you have to come into contact with the blood or semen to get HIV or aids like a needle or have a wound on you and get their blood in it or have sex with someone who has the virus

I really dont think so but anything is possible

I guess you could if someone slobbered on the chapstick and then you used it right away and you had a cut on your lip, but it's only tranfered if the saliva gets into your bloodstream. and there's very very small traces in saliva.

More likely, you'd catch the flu or a cold.

No, no no no no no no! You can get a cold, or cold sores, or the flu, but not HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS is transmitted only by blood, not by saliva or germs.

no thats a sexually transmitted diecease cant get it anyway else besides having sex

No, you can not. The HIV virus is actually very difficult to get outside of direct exchange of bodily fluids. The virus is not very durable and it does not survive outside of the body long. However, if you are sharing lip products with another, you should be more concerned with catching the herpes virus(cold sores). My advice do not share your lip products with anyone.

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