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When you donate blood do they check for HIV and AIDS?

When you donate blood do they check for HIV and AIDS?

Blood donations are screened for all manner of Blood-based diseases and illness, included HIV / AIDS and a host of other STDs.

However, Blood Banks ask that you not donate blood as a way to get a free blood screening. Despite that, they will notify you if your donation was rejected, and the reasons for such a rejection.

Funnily enough of couse they do and other diseases

I think yeah.

Yes, they have to. Though they won't tell you if you have it, i don't think. But they have to make sure the donated blood doesn't have diseases, cause they'll be giving it to people.

yes, they do

yes , of course they do check for AIDS and the hepatities virus ,, cuz blood transfusion was ( and still , to a lesser extent) a major way of transmission of the disease . it's not hard anyway ..

You bet they do. That is how many people developed the HIV virus from donated blood. Now they test very thoroughly since the HIV virus reared its ugly head in the USA in the early 80s.

God Bless those that have HIV virus and AIDS.

Yes, I think all blood now must go through a battery of tests to check for blood Born illness, including hepatitis. However, I don't have a source to confirm it.

they have to.

of course they do - as well as hepatitis, and other communicable diseases. Some people genuinely don't know that they have these infections, but there are also some sickos out there who would give blood to intentionally make others sick. If you or a loved one needed a transfusion, wouldn't you want to know that the blood was "clean" and not going to kill you?

Yes, they have to these days. Even though they give you several "outs". In case you think or know you have it but are embarrassed to say, they check it anyway cuz you don't always know.

yes they check your blood,they know when your pressure is to high,They check for everything,espeshialy HIV-AIDS.THEY have to, they don't want to give anyone a tranfusion:(with tainted blood).

Yes. They have some of the most sensitive tests out there for it. They also check for a number of other blood borne diseases, such as Hepatitis and Syphilis.

Gosh, I sure hope so!!!

yes they do. but before you give blood they take an exposure history, and certain behaviors and conditions will prohibit you from giving blood. examples-tattoo or piercing in the past year, weight less than 110 lbs, rheumatoid arthritis, risky sexual behavior.

From Hospital Pharmacist Vol 7 No 5 p118-123
May 2000 Special Features

Currently in the UK, it is mandatory that each unit be tested for hepatitis B and C, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) 1 and 2 and syphilis (see Table 1). Some units are tested for cytomegalovirus (CMV) to identify a CMV-negative donor panel. It is not mandatory to test for low-frequency diseases such as malaria and human T cell lymphotropic virus (HTLV) 1 and 2. There is as yet no test for new variant Creutzfelt-Jacob disease (nvCJD). Higher frequency community infections such as parvovirus or hepatitis A (HAV) are also not tested for, even though transmission by transfusion can occur.


As of mid-2005, all donated blood in the United States is screened for the following infectious agents:[2]

* HIV-1 and HIV-2
* Human T-lymphotropic virus (HTLV-1 and HTLV-2)
* Hepatitis C virus
* Hepatitis B virus
* West Nile virus
* Treponema pallidum (the causative agent of syphilis)


yes but you can still get hiv from donated blood.

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