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Why do Black people have such a higher percentage of getting AIDS/HIV than all Races?

It is absolutely astounding to the point of being unbelievable. Black woman have the highest rate, a whooping 27X more than White woman. But why exactly is this?

No, these statistics are from the US not Africa.

I wonder if it's because most of those black women live in Africa, and rape is fairly common there. Here, in the US, people I think are generally pretty careful about contracting the virus, whereas in Africa these women have no choice.

I read that it is because such a high percentage of black males living 'on the down low' ... because homosexuality is not as acceptable in the black community as in others, many men hide there sexual preference and go on to marry and have kids etc. because that is what they are 'supposed' to do (according to society)... they then have relationships/intercourse with other men and since AIDS/HIV is spread easier through anal ... some get diseases and bring them home to their wives/ girfriends

the rates are disproportionate due to the % of our population. if you know math then you will know how.

1 out of 4 is 25%(blacks)

1 out of 10 is only 10%(whites) therefore it seems blacks is higher

you must remember that white women outnumber us just as much as 27x. so it is impossible for more black women to have it then white women.

Well first off you framed the question to seem that it has always been this way. It hasn't. It just became an epidemic the last 7-10 years. A lot of that has to do with poor health care in the areas most affected. African Americans generally visit the doctor less, and rarely visit the doctor without a symptom apparent (ie like for physicals).

My understanding, and it's horrible that more black men are bisexual and not telling their mates thus ending up in more AIDS infections among the ladies. I pray this changes real soon.

It is mostly in the areas that suffer from sever poverty, unfortunately those areas have a higher percentage of black/African American. And poorer areas have less education in the matter. And no one has taken the APPROPRIATE necessary steps to deal with this issue. And yes because they are less likely to have regular doctor visits because of culture and financial issues.

For the people who choose to give me a thumbs down, you may not like it but it is a fact. You obviously did not attend college because this issue has been in discussion in over three of my classes and my major was not anything health related.

Check this out...

same reason why anyone else gets HIV/AIDS nothing to do with race....What a stupid question.

I think that it's because of unprotected sex, & men on the down low.
AIDS is one of the top three causes of death for African American men aged 25鈥?4 and for African American women aged 35鈥?4 years in the United States of America. In the United States, African Americans make up about 47% of the total HIV-positive population and more than half of new HIV cases, despite making up only 12% of the population. AIDS continues to be a problem with illegal sex workers and injecting drug users. African American women are 19 times more likely to contract HIV than white women.

These statistics change. . . remember in the '80s everyone considered it a gay male disease.
We now know how to prevent HIV and AIDS pretty well at this point. . . through abstinence, monogamy, routine blood tests, refraining from drug use, and safer sex practices.
So, I guess the question is: why aren't these methods being used as frequently among blacks?
I don't have an answer. Your references apply to the US alone, and I agree it's a crisis. Is the education not there? Is it a cultural norm to ignore the education? Is health care worse for blacks?
It's something we should pursue.

Because the virus started in africa. Its earliest relative is surprisingly enough in monkeys.

However, british and french authorities decided that the virus was worth studying and so later they accidentaly incurred a mutation in a chemokene receptor. This receptor was like an ID that allowed the virus to get past the monkey's immune system, but now that it has mutated, it is also able to get past our cells. The new receptor is called "chemokine (C-C motif) receptor 5" or CCR5 for short.

The full viral epidemic occured when a british sailor contracted the disease in britain and spread it to africa and america. It has remained contained in USA but has raged uncontrollably in africa, mainly because the pope denied africans use of condoms (they were considered unholy). Further problems resulted as a lack of registration of infected persons.

All in all, since the virus is slow acting and involves S-E-X, proper quarantine containment procedures were not followed.

Black women as opposed to other women... it may have to do with a lesser use of protection. Reasons for unprotected sex could vary.

Women as opposed to men... it is easier for a woman to contract HIV/AIDS from heterosexual sex than it is for a man to contract it from hetero sex.

Most of you answered intelligently and the dumbazzes who answered the opposite have just shown the world how dumb your azz really is! I'd hide behind a fake picture too!

To answer the question, I think it is because of men coming home from prison ( who have obviously practiced homosexuality while there) sleeping with multiple women. Secondly, the whole down-low issue as well. Most White males don't have an issue letting the world know of their homosexuality while black men are taught that it is an abomination so they hide it meanwhile sleeping with women to hide the fact that they sleep with men too. All those other answers are immature and ignorrant. Read a book will ya?

Many people (not just Blacks) still erroneously think of HIV/AIDS as being a disease that only gay guys get. And, within the Black community, homosexuality is not discussed in general. So, the disease of the homos is not discussed.

Since the disease is not discussed, the young ones are ignorant about protecting themselves against it. Either that or they think they won't get if if they are straight.

have you ever seen rap music videos and how many boyfriends they have??? if you have then there you go now you know and if you dont then where the hell have you been threw out these years????

duh...Africa has the largest percentage of HIV/AIDS cases in the world....and ...oh my gosh...the highest % of black people...we call them Africans...if you hadn't heard.


Black people like to get freaky with it.

They are more immoral. The truth is that without immoral activity or illegal drug use, AIDS will die out within one generation.

We have become so deceived that the truth is revolutionary.

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