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Is it true that if someone dies of a disease such as Hepatitis C or HIV-AIDS....?

their body can't be buried in the ground; they have to be cremated? My sister and I were arguing about this. I told her its not true.

That is 100% incorrect. Under NO circumstances does someone with AIDS have to be buried. No one can force cremation on a family. I bury people with these types of diseases every day, the first two answers have no clue what they are talking about.
Most of the time funeral directors may not even know if the person had these diseases, the hospital is not allowed to disclose that type of information to us because of the HIPAA Privacy Act, therefore we have no way of even knowing what they died from. Sometimes it is on the death certificate but not always. Not to mention that the embalming process if effective against killing the diseases you have mentioned.

Edit to talldarkstranger:
I see you changed your answer from "yes, you are correct" to "yes, you are correct, it is not true". You changed your answer once you saw all those thumbs down! Hmm, who needs the reading comprehension? Not me!

Edit to kphelps:
You need to re-read the article your referenced. It says the funeral director MAY make you open the bio bag yourself, it did not say that it will defintitely happen like that. The website wants people to understand that it MAY be a possibility, it is not set in stone that if you wanted to view thats how it would be done. It also did NOT say that you will not be embalmed for sure, again, it said a funeral home MAY refuse.

You are correct, it is not true!

Reagan.... .If you could read the question again you will see that that the two sisters were having a discussion about hep and aids . The writer says its not true,and I said you are correct! So in effect we are saying the same thing. It's called reader comprehension. Get with it !

It depends on where they are - some places have laws regarding the disposal of bodies that are infected with communicable diseases.

Not true here

I have attended the funerals and burials of people that were HIV+. I also know that a lot of people prefer to be cremated. It is personal and religiously motivated.

There is NO such thing! A person who dies of AIDS is no different than that of someone who died of the flu.

A person can either be buried or they opt for cremation.

This is definitely not true.The body is the host ,when dead there's nothing to sustain the virus.

there may be a law against a "natural" funeral, where the body is simply buried in the earth but nowdays all other burials involve the body being in a casket and then that being seales in a concrete vault. You can be buried if you die from hiv-aids etc.

its not!! your correct!

I thought the same thing once. However, I was very troubled to learn that in many places cremation is required Japan for example and in other countries (like England) the body of someone with hepatitis c is treated as toxic waste. Here is a website that gives th burial procedure for those in England with HCV.
If the family wanted to view the body they would have to do it immediately and open a biohazard bag themselves to view the body! Also, in Canada those with Hepatitis are not embalmbed and thier caskets are sealed immediatly!
It is very disturbing because I have Hepatitis C.

YES.. because the body is still having the virues... and a desise such an Aids.. it doesn;t die as long as it is living in the blood... It only dies when it comes contact with air.. and since their aren;t any medications for it,.. no the body don;t be burried near others.. obvioslyy!!
You have a piont ;) not ur sis lool

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