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Can a women give a man hiv/aids? i was told men give the diseas and the women carry it?

Can a women give a man hiv/aids? i was told men give the diseas and the women carry it?

any one can get it. but it is easier to go from man to women then women to man because of ejaculation

Never seen proof that it can go that way. Whenever you ask people for proof they get all upset and have none. Report It

Yes it can go either way.
That would be a myth that you can only get it from a guy.

Yes, a woman can give it to a man too. The AIDS virus doesn't know gender, nationality, religion, income etc..

It's a two way street, my friend. It doesn't matter who has it to begin with, either of you can get it.

Yes- anybody can give it to anyone!PLEASE<PLEASE get informed !! This is a deadly disease. PLEASE google it and learn more. PLEASE don't be sexually active until you learn about it- it is your life at stake!!!


If a woman is infected with HIV/AIDS she is contagious and can pass the disease to whoever she has sex with.

Yes. A woman who is HIV positive can give her sexual partner the virus, and vice versa. I don't know what you mean by being only a 'carrier', but a person who is HIV positive doesn't necessarily mean he /she has AIDS. AIDS is the "most severe manifestation of HIV when T-cells (the white blood cells that kill foreign bodies) drops below 200 cells per microliter". It's so dangerous now, be CAREFUL out there!! Monogamy with the right person (husband / wife) is the best prevention.

You silly rabbit... Please know the truth/facts before you engage in any more sex!
How can a women carry a disease and not have it? and not give it back to another partner or her baby or ANY other person on this earth?

Here hun get the Facts !!!this is a good informative site that will enlighten you on HIV/AIDS

All genders carry it, the first person reported with HIV/AIDS was a male stewardess (gay) so whoever told you that was highly misinformed and so are you. Do a heck of a lot more research on this. You need to.

all stds can be given by men or women at any time during a sexual experience.

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