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How long does it take for hiv/aids to show itself after contact with an infected person?

How long does it take for hiv/aids to show itself after contact with an infected person?

HIV antibody response (gold standard test for diagnosing someone as being HIV+) can take up to 6 months to become positive, but 95% of HIV Ab test are positive within 3 weeks. These tests are called ELISA and Western Blot. There are now oral tests (OraSure) that checks for HIV antibodies in saliva (this does not mean you can get this virus from saliva or kissing).

HIV DNA test measures HIV viral particles in the blood - if you are newly infected, this may be positive much sooner than HIV antibody test.

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. If you take care of your health, and are on treatment, then an HIV-infected person does not have to progress to AIDS.

Once a person has AIDS diagnosis (CD4+ < 200 or AIDS defining opportunistic infection) then he/she always has AIDS diagnosis, but medications can help improve the immune function.

If someone is HIV+ and does not receive treatment, an AVERAGE time of disease progression to AIDS is about 10 years. This can be faster or slower depending upon the virulence of the HIV strain and the persons immune system.

Up to six months.

ten years

3 weeks to 6 mounts, depending on the test taken, how the body reacts to the infection or how many viral copies infected the person

It may take up to 10 years! This is a disease that has to grow inside cells and throughout your body! You can always go and get a blood sample taken. I know when I was pregnant with my son they took blood and when they tested me it came back two weeks negative! So it also depends on the person's body and how long their partner has been infected!

six months for sure

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