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Is it possible to catch hiv/aids if your skin comes into contact with an infected person's urine or semen?

for example accidental contact.

I think the only way for hiv to be transmitted is through open cuts or wounds, where bodily fluids are exchanged. If you had no open cuts or wounds, then no, you can't "catch" hiv that way.

Yes if you have cuts and bruises.

If you have an open wound, yes, it's a possiblity. I don't know about urine though.

You can't get it from urine, but you could get it from semen if you had an open cut or wound.

Yes it is possible to contract HIV/AIDS from an infected persons semen. If you have cut or cracked skin. There has never been a proven case of infection do to contact of infected body fluids and intact skin. Secondly urine is not considered an infectious body fluid according to the CDC. Only is the urine is obviously bloody due to her menses or the like is it considered infectious. So know as long as the urine is "clean" and not bloodied you cannot contract HIV/AIDS or any other infectious disease from it. I would not recommend prolonged or repeated exposure to someone's urine though. Urine can be a host for numerous bacteria and other creepy crawly things.

you can get it from semen not from urine, there is lots of salt in urine and salt kills the hiv virus.

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