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Does god heal those with hiv/aids if they have faith in him and trust in him?

Does god heal those with hiv/aids if they have faith in him and trust in him?

If he can, he's a jerk for not doing so.

But don't worry. We won't need God in a few decades thanks to the wonderful world of....SCIENCE!!

People have tried that and it hasnt worked before, whats diferent now?

Don't waste the little time you actually have putting your faith in God. Put your faith in science, which will find the cure for it eventually.

No, apparently he just lets them suffer.

The question is, Do you believe God can heal those with hiv/aids. With God, All things are possible.

It's possible, but think of all the people who turn to God when there life is threatened with an illness.

God helps those who help themselves. Faith may help, but it won't fix the problem on its own.

Plus, we can't really "heal" HIV now...we can treat it, keep it in check, but it's not a curable disease.

some things in life appear to be punishments, but you could try faith healing....hindsight is 20 20......pray to God to change your life and to help and ask forgiveness....

Absolutely! If they will believe! The problem is that people treat Christ as if he only exists in a fantasy world. Well he is real! and He can cure anything!

Yes.... simply search "testimonies healing hiv" and you will get many testimonies of healings.. here are some.

People who truly believe in any religion can find great comfort in it. They can be healed spiritually - finding meaning in their life, the strength to live on, and if THEY believe it -- they can live longer because of their faith. God cannot cure their hivaids magically however he is working in other ways, helping the people who will find the cure, making people kind enough to donate money for research etc.

NOBODY WITH AIDS HAS EVER BEEN HEALED.Your god doesn't give a rat's butt about what happens to you.

with God...all things are posible

Nope, they die like the rest

In heaven there is no HIV/ the answer to your question is YES!!!!!

He is very much capable of doing so....however, many times it is not part of his will to heal certain people because he has a higher purpose for them...for example....he might chose not to heal a christian teenager of AIDS knowing that after her death, the girls mother who is not a Christian, will end up at a church in her desperation and sadness, and come to know Him. So many times it may seem logical to us for God to heal someone, or even ourselves...and many times we have the faith to say that he will do so, however if he chooses not too, we have to have that SAME FAITH, to say that he has a better plan, that we cannot even understand begin to understand...however if we have the faith to say that he can heal us, we have the same faith to say that he knows what is best for us, and for all of his other children. So it might just be that if he chooses not to heal us, it is because he is going to use our passing away to reach out to someone who doesn't know him......

no, but an infusion of vampire blood can

God is no respecter of man he will heal anybody that gets his attention!
But for those who believe and have a good vision of the kingdom in which we are going would say the actual healing is to die and be with the Lord! Go read John! Paul says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. So we must know what he requires, he requires you to know his son and his WORD!so go study his word and Isaiah 53 says he heals all our diseases,claim it and believe it!

If you mean the God with the Capital "G", I would have to say of course He Does.

One must always remember that whatever the case, it must be in God's Will for this to occur.

God did not cause HIV or AIDS. We did. Had we as His children allowed God to be God over us then none of the bad things would have happened.

We didn't however, and we get what we bargained for.

I feel sorry for the people that get this disease and hope for a cure soon.

Never cease in praying for a miracle. God loves His children.><>

YES the Godhead can and will heal you. Don't waste time searching the planet for him, look inside yourself and you will find your God. He is there and will help you.

I'm sure some smug religious jagoff will say If they die it's because they didn't believe hard enough. And of course there's that old line god helps those that help themselves. These are both what's called a cop-out.

God heals anybody of any sickness IF they have TRUE faith in Him.

God will never heal those with hiv aids as a result of their disobedience against God's commandments. Adultery is a great sin unless there is a sincere repentance towards the God. If there is faith in God, adultery won't take place.

Yes, God (not god) can heal anybody. Especially those who turn from their wicked ways. If they are in sin or if they are just asking for healing from hiv/aids. God CAN and DOES heal. Just have FAITH and TRUST in him!!! YES GOD CAN!! And will if you believe!!

Pay very close attention to this. Jesus was beaten on His back at the cross with a cat of nine tails for our healing. That strap had on it glass,razor blade,anything sharp that would cut to His bone and pull bone out of Him. He took 39 stripes. That was for our healing. Now, He said "IT IS FINISHED." He paid the full price for us because He knew that we would get sick because sickness is a sick,evil spirit that made it's way in us. It came in while we were sinning because sin separates us from God and while we are separated from Him sickness gets in. He knew that so He went ahead and paid for it. He does not do anythingelse but listen to our heart spoken words. The receiving it is up to us. Faith without works is dead. We can believe and not act and nothing will happen. We are a spirit. The aids got in there in the spiritual realm and so it will need to first be cursed at the root which is in the spiritual realm. Praying and touching God has to be in the spirit. We are already healed. We was healed at the cross. We need to receive that healing into our bodies. We are made in the image and likeness of God. How did He make things happen? Didn't He SAY "let there be light" and there it was. We must Say "By His stripes I am healed "and believe it even when we are still sick. There is a story in the Bible about a woman that bled for 12 years and the dr. had taken all of her money and could not help her. She said "if I could just touch Him I will be healed." we must do the same thing. She touched Him and was healed. Worship Him and seek Him and when you touch Him in the spirit you will be healed. Then, if you go to bed at night and feel sicker do not say "I didn't get healed." you must keep on believing. You can not touch Him and stay sick.Sickness can not live in His presence.Healing happens in the spirit first,then manifests in the body. You must believe and not doubt..DI IT HEALING IS YOURS..

God COULD heal those people if he chose too. You must remember, if you believe in God and trust in God, then you must trust that God has a reason for all things. God does not choose for people to have HIV/AIDS. In most cases, HIV/AIDS is an end result of an activity that is abhorrent and an abomination in the eyes of God. If that group of people were adhering to God's words as spoken in the Bible, they would not have been afflicted with that horrible condition. As for anyone else who has contracted the disease as a result of no fault of their own, yes God could heal them if they were righteous, faithful and loving in his eyes. However: the Bible does tell us that we all fall short of glory in the eyes of the Lord. There are very few instances of God healing in the Bible. There are however several instances of Jesus Christ, The Son Of God, healing in the Bible. The Bible also tells us that the only way to God's Heart is through his son Jesus. You must first love Jesus if you want to experience the miracle of healing from almighty God.

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