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Slogan about hiv/aids?

project in school

love shoudnt kill
help prevent &cure aids

aids - the more u know the less u need

be aware , be safe

only protection to aids is awareness

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  • Why is HIV/AIDS more prevalent in the gay community?

    Hi, there. At this stage in the HIV and AIDS epidemic, HIV and AIDS are both more prevalent among heterosexuals - both within the United States and internationally. In fact, in Africa, the ...

  • Why is HIV/AIDS so prevalent in the black community???

    Various reasons. Less education, more stigma for gay and bisexual men and also a smaller population pool.

  • Question should ask about HIV/AIDS?

    Yes,ask your sex partners. There's no harm in asking someone if they have had an HIV test. That information can keep the both of you healthy.

  • He did give me hiv/aids on purpuse can i press charges befor i loose his address in prision only address i got

    I would report it to the authority's as soon as possible before he gets out and then and also to the disease control center.It is the same as killing someone if it gets out off control. if he ...

  • How do you catch hiv/aids?

    Exchange of bodily fluids, sharing a intravenous needle, blood transfusion, organ transplant, etc.

  • How can we help HIV/aids patients?

    Because we cannot cure this Virus..........we must turn to being really educated people about this Virus. We must learn how it is spread, and how it CANNOT be spread. In this way, we can remain fri...

  • Have you ever had HIV/AIDS or an STD?

    dont have HIV/AIDS but i do have herpes (btw not curable). when i first found out i thought my life was going to be over. i told my boyfriend and he was surprised but ok with it since he loves me n...

  • From how many years hiv (aids) is in earth?

    In humans, they believe the first case to go back to the 1950s. One theory claims that HIV spread from primates to humans in Africa by people eating uncooked/undercooked primate meat.* Three ...


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