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Can animals get HIV/AIDS?

Can animals get HIV/AIDS?

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficency Virus. Only Humans can get it.

AIDS is a condition brought on by long-term infection with HIV - so animals would not be able to have AIDS either.

Apes can get SIV - Simian immunodeficency virus. It's very close to HIV. We cannot get SIV. Some monkeys and apes can be experimentally infected with HIV. That is the only animal that could potentially get HIV.

Cats have FIV (feline immunodeficency virus.) They can't give it to people.

There are many immunodeficency viruses that affect different animals. We can't get them, they can't get ours.

HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!

if i am not mistaken..did scientist not experiment with monkey's and infect them with the virus...this enabled them to study the affects

Yes. IAMS / Procter and Gamble are even so mean that they infect cats purposely with "Feline HIV" for... research. Why not just look for cats that are positive, instead of ruining an animal's life -- it could go to a shelter and get a home, instead of being experimented on.

Most companies don't even experiment even more: it's not neccescary.

animals can't get h.i.v or a.i.d.s.i took a HIV/aids class so i m supposed to know. cats get a type of aids or HIV. but u can't get HIV by touching something though.

Monkeys can.There is a Feline version but people can't catch it.I wouldn't be surprised to find there are other animals versions out there.

cats get aids called feline aids don't know much about it i have a cat so i know they can get it i don't think humans can get it from a cat

There is a different type of AIDS to animal, i dont remember the name, but they are not in risk by this, cause they have antibodies wich can kill this kind of HIV to animal


Cats can get a form of AIDS called FIV

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