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Can u get HIV/AIDS from dried up blood on a surface or on someones skin ..dried up blood period?

Can u get HIV/AIDS from dried up blood on a surface or on someones skin ..dried up blood period?

No, viruses tend to die when outside of the body for more than a few minutes.


No, it dies from exposure immediately.

Hiv cannot stay alive for long when exposed to air.Hiv is transmitted via sexual contact , It is also blood borne meaning if you had a blood transfusion contaminated with HIV then you are at an extremely high risk for developing the disease. Also the other enemy is Hepatitis B/C which is contracted much easier than HIV through needle sharing and open wounds exposed to the virus by blood. It's a dangerous world out there. Tread lightly.




Yes but only if you touch that surface within a 24 hour period and you have an OPEN SORE. The HIV/AIDS can stay ACTIVE on any surface unless surface is CLEAN with a Killing Bacteria Detergent.

No. HIV dies when it hits air, so you need fresh blood to fresh blood contact. If it's dried, you can't catch it.

It has to be fresh to catch it. Like if someone with HIV is bleeding, and you have an open cut and you get some of their *fresh* blood in your cut, you could get it that way. But dried blood wouldn't have any live virus in it.

yes if it enters your body through any opening cut etc.............

It takes a decent amount of time for blood to dry completley, so I'm going to say no-- it's very, very unlikely.

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