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Can one contact hiv aids through exchange of saliva i.e kissing?

Can one contact hiv aids through exchange of saliva i.e kissing?

If there is infection of oral cavity and any bleeding points then there is a possibility.

other possibility is...........

If u drink 50 gallon of saliva, its sufficient to make u infected.

Itis possible, although unlikely.

"Contact with saliva, tears, sweat, feces or urine

Transmission can only occur when a sufficient amount of HIV enters the bloodstream, through cuts or mucous membranes. These "bodily fluids" either contain no HIV or it exists in a quantity too small to result in transmission.

HIV is not transmitted by saliva. There is a great deal of evidence to support this fact. In a study of 79 men with AIDS, the virus could be found in the saliva of only one. This man had PCP, thrush, and other mouth and throat lesions. Even in this man, the level of virus found in his saliva was 10,000 times less than the level in his blood. To this study we can add the evidence of the countless numbers of people who have had saliva contact with people with AIDS or others who have been infected. This contact has occurred through kissing, sharing food, sharing joints, and many other means. We can find no evidence that these activities have transmitted the virus even a single time. Recent findings suggest that saliva contains an enzyme which kills HIV. Certainly there is a lot at work in the mouth combining to make the mouth an inhospitable site for the virus: acids, enzymes, friction, dilution, air, and more."

yeah if there is blood in the siliva (ie. eating chips that cut ur mouth)

There is a minute possibility to contract hiv or aids through kissing, but only under the condition that you have an open wound and that they have blood in their saliva. Because it is transfered through these bodily fluids, saliva alone will not carry these diseases.

It may happen in very rare cases if it was an injury in the oral cavity even if it was minute injury..which may cause blood contact .. about the salive it is not possible to transfer the virus except if it is contaminated with blood containing virus ..

very, very low risk of transmission through kissing or saliva exchange.

People often get confused because there is an HIV antibody test that can detect antibodies (Ab) to HIV in the saliva. This does NOT mean that there is HIV virus in the saliva in significant quantities.

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