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Can you get HIV/AIDS through saliva?

Can you get HIV/AIDS through saliva?

Why is everyone so uneducated...
pick up a book and read..
HIV is not as contractible as everyone makes it out to be,
yes it is contracted through blood, blood products, semen and vaginal fluids
it is a virus that is highly unstable outside of it's environment
There are considerable low amounts of virus found in saliva but not enough to contract HIV through. Even needle stick injuries to health care providers have a 0.3% chance of contracting HIV and still it would depend on several factors such as,
what stage was the person with HIV, if they were on a drug regime, how much virus was in the blood, how much blood you came in contact with, and if the blood was transmitted through an artery or vein.

It is silly to be worried about contracting HIV through a french kiss what you should be really worried about is contracting Hep C

If people have enough time to actually read this then they would have time to pick up a book and read to educate their children, research school work and still have enough time to clean their 2000 square foot home. Stop making excuses for yourself and others, that won't get very far in life. Report It

Very uncommon though not impossible.. is highly unlikely

I'm pretty sure you can. I don't know if it's as common as blood or semen transfer but saliva is a bodily fluid too so I think you can get it that way.

very unlikely, most med journals i've read said it's highly unlikely to get HIV through saliva. However, if there are open sores in your mouth then it increases the chances

if you have sores in your mouth then yes it is possible

If the person in question has an open sore in the mouth and their saliva somehow gets into an open sore on you, then yes. Otherwise no.

no, only contracted through blood

absolutely! it is THE main way it is given, especially when there is an open wound in the area.

you have to have alot of saliva on you/in your mouth in order for you to get HIV/AIDS. there isnt as much of the virus in peoples saliva as there is in the blood or semen.

It is possible. But not likely. The way that would happen is if the person with the AIDS were to have bleeding gums or a cut in the mouth. He might not even be aware of it. And if a person without the AIDS used the sick person's toothbrush or ate after him or kissed him intimately and the second person had an open cut in the mouth too, then the AIDS could be passed blood to blood.

The bad thing is people have small areas of bleeding in the mucous membranes a lot of the time and don't know it. Err on the side of caution

The virus is more concentrated in blood and semen but it isn't concentrated enough in saliva to infect someone.

No, it is unlikely to get the disease through saliva.

You can get aids through any kind of body liquids, blood ,semen, vagina, even saliva. You can be sitting next to a person with aids and a mosquito bite them and then bite you and get it. One reason you don't hear that much about it is people don't want to know the truth about it. They carry all types of disease's.

usually not

How HIV is Transmitted
HIV is spread by sexual contact with an infected person, by sharing needles and/or syringes (primarily for drug injection) with someone who is infected, or, less commonly (and now very rarely in countries where blood is screened for HIV antibodies), through transfusions of infected blood or blood clotting factors. Babies born to HIV-infected women may become infected before or during birth or through breast-feeding after birth.
In the health care setting, workers have been infected with HIV after being stuck with needles containing HIV-infected blood or, less frequently, after infected blood gets into a worker鈥檚 open cut or a mucous membrane (for example, the eyes or inside of the nose). There has been only one instance of patients being infected by a health care worker in the United States; this involved HIV transmission from one infected dentist to six patients. Investigations have been completed involving more than 22,000 patients of 63 HIV-infected physicians, surgeons, and dentists, and no other cases of this type of transmission have been identified in the United States.
Some people fear that HIV might be transmitted in other ways; however, no scientific evidence to support any of these fears has been found. If HIV were being transmitted through other routes (such as through air, water, or insects), the pattern of reported AIDS cases would be much different from what has been observed. For example, if mosquitoes could transmit HIV infection, many more young children and preadolescents would have been diagnosed with AIDS.

Casual contact through closed-mouth or "social" kissing is not a risk for transmission of HIV. Because of the potential for contact with blood during "French" or open-mouth kissing, CDC recommends against engaging in this activity with a person known to be infected. However, the risk of acquiring HIV during open-mouth kissing is believed to be very low. CDC has investigated only one case of HIV infection that may be attributed to contact with blood during open-mouth kissing.


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