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Can you get HIV/aids disease from pedicure???

Some articles said that sharing tools like razors, needles, piercing, tattooing liquids as well as many manicure and pedicure tools, like scissors, cuticle and nail cutters, emery boards, picks, tweezers, files, buffers, pushers, cuticle lifters, sticks, nippers, clippers, nail brushes and other tools can transmit infectious diseases when used on different people. A HIV disease that can be transmitted by blood or serum from an infected person. So, DO U THINK THAT WE CAN GET HIV FROM PEDICURE. If for example the tools is not properly sterilize & the last person who used it is infected w/ HIV then u get a cut from the tools & u bleed?

It is highly unlikely. The HIV virus is very fragile, and it doesn't survive for very long in this situation. The odds of catching HIV this way would be insignificant, unless there is fresh blood on the instruments. This is very unlikely as they would have been wiped clean at the very least, even if they aren't autoclaved or irradiated to sterilize them.

Other infectious diseases like Hepatitis B and C are more robust and can survive in an infectious state for longer, so it is possible to contract those diseases from contaminated instruments.

Yes, only if bodily fluids are exposed to your blood. There is enough of the virus in blood, vaginal fluids, and sperm. I don't know if saliva has enough. You should get yourself checked out, I'm never gonna get a pedicure...pardon, whats a pedicure?

OF COURSE! if there is blood of an infected individual on a tool from the last person, if that tool is not cleaned, and used on you, you are at risk for being infected! make sure they sterilize all tools, bring your own tools if you can

HIV doesn't survive that long outside of the body.

I'm HIV+ and I've never bled from a pedicure or a manicure and what you're doing is causing unnecessary panic.

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