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Can u get HIV or AIDs, or any type std(im mostly concerend bout aids) by licking a girls clitoris?

i only licked it for like one minute or two tops. and i just used the very tips of my tongue, and i tryed not to swallow any of the vaginal fluids. but still can i catch HIV, AIDS or any other std?

I wouldn't worry about AIDS, but warts or herpes!!

yes u may catch up HIV , but have sex with only trusted and HIV -ve ppl only....licking is what girls like in men ... so do it responsibly and win her heart...

An STD, yes. Aids or HIV, highly unlikely.

yep. i kno u can get genital warts. she might have em, but no sign of them. so be carefull

NO. Do NOT listen to the other answers. Misinformation about HIV is spread through idiots like those above me. All of my information is direct from accredited sources and I am an active member in the HIV community. If you really need quick advice, this is NOT the place to do it, please head over to and you can find me under the HIV/AIDS forum. My name on that board is "Smar". Another user "Smiteler" can also help you.

Anyways, no, this is not a risk. Not at all. There has NEVER been a case of HIV from this. It simply does not happen. Even if there were cuts in your mouth, it still wouldnt because the amount of fluid needed to transmit the virus is just not there. It is not spread in this manner. Also, saliva has been shown to deactiveate up to 90% of the HIV virus. As it is, HIV is barely present in saliva, so this essentially reduces your risk to 0.

You couldn't have gotten hiv from this risk, no way, no how.
And remember, symptoms cannot diagnose you. The symptoms of early on HIV infection are symptoms of so many other things. The only sure way to know and put your mind at ease is through a test. However, since your risk was non-existent, I wouldn't worry. If it helps put your mind at ease, go get tested, you don't have to wait 6 months like everyone says. Older tests used to test for HIV antibodies, and it took 6 months or so to develop these. Modern tests test directly for the presence of HIV itself and can be used within weeks of potential infection.

Good luck

Excuse me but you CAN get HPV and herpes from licking the clitoris. So don't just say , don't listen to other peoples answer. Throat cancer from HPV is real. Chlamydia in the eyes is real. The girl could be bleeding from small tears or just ended or start her period. Vaginal fluid could contain infectious agents. like yeast, bacteria, and viruses. Be Careful. .
The internet is not the best place to get information about HIV. I would strongly recommend going to your dr. and get tested for all STDS and HIV. If you are positive, there are support groups with real faces attached. Not nameless, faceless people on the internet that will not get into trouble for giving you wrong information.

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