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My friend natalie has aids/hiv and slept with a boi last week and did not tell him she had aids/hiv?

my friend natalie has hiv/aids and last week she slept with a boi and did not tell him that she had aids/hiv i did try to tell the boi but he was angry and did not want to talk should i try to tell him again or just leave him?plz i need help urgently

thank you every one who replied back to my question your all so kind and im taking your advice and im very pleased to say that the boi has gotten him self tested and the results came back as
hiv negative

How do you know that your friend is positive? How do you know she had sex? How do you know that she had unprotected sex?

Look...If she is positive and didn't use protection, eventually the truth will come out. Your only option is to wait and let nature run its course. If you report her to the authorities, they'll want some proof. Do you have any proof (test results, tape-recorded confessions, etc.)?

Are you trained to counsel someone with AIDS/HIV? People receive special training to counsel those with this fatal disease. Approaching someone out of the blue and dropping this info on them is the worst thing you can do. When counselors reveal this kind of thing to people, they also reveal the options available to them and are there to address the concerns of the patient. Can you do this for this person that you're concerned about? If not, leave it up to the pros.

Though it's far fetched, dropping this kind of information on someone can make life difficult for you. You have to consider how this person might react after you've told them the bad news. Will they cry? Run? Scream? Pull out a gun, fire at you and then at themselves?

You just don't know how these people will react. AIDS is a serious disease with no known cure. I'm advising you to think about this and again, to let nature run its course.

tell him

your friend is a very bad person sould be charged with homecide
keep trying to tell him he deserves to know

He needs to be tested immediately (and any other boys/men/girls/women she's been sexually active with), and she needs to be reported for her behavior.

When you have a deadly, communicable disease and don't disclose that to those who could contract it from you, it should be considered attempted murder (at the very least).

Your frind can go to jail for that. Its totally illegal. It like murder. The boi shoulod have himself checked. And ur frind should run or something. or she's gonna spend the last yrs of her life in a cell.

Tell him! She should have told him. That was really awful of her. But if he doesn't get tested, he could spread it around. Just because he is in denial doesn't mean it isn't true. That's really scary. Someone should talk to Natalie. she can't do that.

She can get seriously charged for that.

You should tell him.

Its good to let him know that he should get checked out, even if he dosen't think he has it.

wow. your friend is retarded.
she needs to take responsibility for what she did.

Keep talking to him!!! Tell him that you care for both of them and want him to get tested, unless they used protection.

Bad Natalie!! She should know better! You should talk to your friend and ask her why she even have sex when she is infected!

First, I don't know what a 'boi' is, so I hope you are talking about a boy. You should tell him because AIDS is serious. And which one does your friend have? HIV or AIDS?


you need to call the police on your friend! if she knows she carries the virus and she doesnt warn partners, she's commited a crime and can and SHOULD be charged!

Tell him and if your conscience aloows, tell the police. She has commited a serious offence bu doing this

first off natalie can go to jail im not kidding because thats like killing someone and you need to tell someone in a higher position so they can get that dude and test him this does not mean that dudes has aides they might have used a condom and he didn't catch it ur friend is stupid she needs to get in trouble

this is against the law...and it you don't tell, you also can be charged. You need to let her parents and local authorities know abt her and what she is doing.....

Tell him. People can go to jail for infecting other people with HIV when they are aware that they have it. This is very serious. Advise him to see a Doc as soon as possible to get tested.

Thats illegal you know =)

She should off herself.. Sorry.

I mean...... you can only tell him. he either is going to listen or not. If your friend know she has HIV and she is still doing it without telling the partner, then that is voluntary murder. They will contract the disease and they will die from it. So.. she needs a reality chek

She can have charges brought against her for assult with bodily fluids, etc. Knowing you are infected & not taking precautions & informing your partner are grounds for a lawsuit. She MUST stop as she is a threat to others. Contact your local health office & report what you know. They will take it confidentially from there. You will have done the world a great service. Thanks from me personally for being very concerned... now take the action to stop it. Your friend is selfish & reckless & dangerous! God bless.... Rev. Joie

You have to inform your friend immediately because it could get worse. Hurry. That is a the best thing to do. And also, the boy was the one who had sex without being careful so don't feel too sorry. People should always be protected because they should assume the worst. Why would that Natalie girl have sex even when she knew she had hiv/aids? Is she that cruel?

please tell some adult school police your friend is a walking funeral to be i can't over emphasize the importance for you to tell someone you cal call anonymously to any hospital. police, social services

yo grl tell him now wha a ***** if she his dying she his taking Innocent ppl along ........

That is so wrong, does she realise she is playing with someone else's life. Tell him again or go to his family. He needs to know so he can get to the doctor to see if contracted it. You are doing the right thing.

Omg! What is wrong with this girl? In my opinion, she is as bad as a murderer. She has no regards to anyone, including herself. Why are you even friends with someone like this? I'm sorry, I don't mean to come off as sounding cruel and judgemental, but I am just so appalled that she knowingly has HIV and still is having sex and not letting the partner know. This guy probably heard you and is now in a panic which is why he got angry. It scares him and it should. He needs to go to the doctor and be tested immediatly and not have sex with anyone until he knows if he is infected. Hopefully if they used a condom, he is okay..but condoms can have small, miniscule pinholes that go unseen by the human eye. They are not always 100% effective. Just keep talking to this guy until he listens to you. Tell him to get tested, and just to be safe, he needs to be tested, wait a month or two, and be retested to be sure it isn't a false negative. Tell your friend Natalie, to be more responsible.

Give Natalie a choice: either she tells the guy she slept with that she is HIV-positive and the guy needs to be tested; or you will tell him yourself and you'll tell the authorities and let them take it from there.

He's going to need an HIV test soon, and again in about six weeks, and again in about six month. If he hasn't seroconverted (become HIV-positive) then he's one lucky dude.

This is another reason why sexually active people, straight or gay, need to use a condom EVERY time they have sex with another person. If someone chooses to be dishonest and not disclose their condition, the other partner could find him/herself infected with a potentially fatal disease.

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