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Can hiv blood survive in soft drinks & Beverages?

can hiv/aids blood survive in soft drinks and Beverages? Can it survive in not cold and cold soft drink? can it survive in hot and cold Beverages like tea, coffee etc?

What the hell are you a Vampire that likes soft drinks.

No. Only in bodily fluids.


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  • Can I get aids if my friends blood got on my finger and I have a hang nail? We both are HIV-?

    They need to have HIV for you to get it. And even if your friend had it, the blood would need to go into an open wound for you to get it.

  • How come my gay friend's 10 year partner died from AIDS and my friend is "negative" for HIV?

    They practiced safe sex while together, would be my guess. The partner could have caught HIV years before they got together.

  • Can I get AIDS or HIV by touching my cat's blood?

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  • I saw a guy get raped by a monkey can he get AIDS not HIV but full blown AIDS?

    He had it before - he's the one who gave it to the monkeys.

  • What are the chances of me having aids or hiv if i have used a condom everytime i had sex but i have done oral

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