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Is HIV and AIDS dying out

I haven't heard anything about this problem for a very long time?

legend no pun at all.

No, if anything Silence makes it a more deadly, efficient killer.

Read up on Africa's Aids problem, and the UK's and The Usa's and you'll see its far from gone honey. :(

No, the disease is not dying out and it is still very much alive as ever. When the disease first came out, people were afraid of it and you heard more about it. I think there is a larger amount of acceptance for people with HIV now. However, this disease is very much still a high risk and it is not dying out. Actually, it has increased over the years.
There is a better medicine that people can take now for it and actually they live longer and are just as healthy as the next person, but still has the HIV virus that causes Aids. Doctors have just done more to prolong the deadly disease and lesson the chances of people actually being sick with it. Your risk of dying from natural causes are stronger, providing a person with Aids keep their immune system strong.

Actually, HIV infections are on the rise. There are thousands of new cases every year in Canada and America, with a higher rate of infection in women than in men.

HIV/AIDS is becoming a pandemic in many countries, with Africa having the highest amount of infected people. 1 out of 4 people has the virus.

Just because you haven't heard anything doesn't mean that the disease is "dying out". Wear a condom every time you have sex. Educate yourself about the disease.

No its on the rise in Black Africans and western gay men.
HIV is a virus and can work its way out of the body naturally especially if your immune system is good. HIV does NOT lead to aids, its the medication that you tale that leads to aids.

More people live who do not take the HIV medicine than those who do!
Dont take the medicine!!!
Go to you tube and type in Dr Gallo, he was financed by the US government in the sixties to come up with a deadly virus to reduce the black population in Africa. They named it Aids! And now they are trying to vaccinate the whole black population of Africa and the vaccinations include the aids virus!!! Mass genocide, but hey you wont find a word of this in the mainstream media because it is controlled by the powerful elites.

Back in 1976, the following ad began appearing in New York newspapers:
Last Chance for gay men to join the Hepatitis B* Vaccine Program!
*A sexually transmitted disease. Enrollment closes in June, after which the vaccine may not be available for several years. Take the FREE blood test to determine your HEPATITIS B status and eligibility for the program.
Over 1000 gay men took the free vaccination at a time when there was no such disease as AIDS. Then, by 1978 the infection began popping up all over the gay community. Strangely enough, it was predominate among the volunteers who had taken the free Hepatitis B vaccine. Within 5 years, 60 % of these men were infected with HIV.
[Ed. It goes without saying that you should avoid ANY government sponsored vaccine program, no matter how noble the cause may seem].

The program had been repeated the next year in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and as in New York, shortly after the vaccination for Hepatitis B, the west coast volunteers also began presenting with symptoms of AIDS.

In Africa, in 1977, a free vaccination against Smallpox was offered to the Black citizens of the countries with "population problems". The cost was borne by the United States Health Agencies as a "humanitarian gesture". Again, within 5 years, over 60 % of the recipients presented with the HIV virus, and, today well over 20 million face death from AIDS.

no its actually getting worse in some countries. in some countries in africa, when a woman dies of AIDs, her husband has to sleep with her sister (god knows why) and it spreads like god knows what. all STDs are getting worse, and Britain is the worst country for the most STDs

It's very much still around and complacent heterosexuals are the growth group for those contracting it in the western world.

It's also rampant in some African and South American countries.

No it's still rampant and killing generations in Africa,but it is now possible to live much longer with the right healthcare and medication .

No, it's still a massive problem,especially in Africa where many babes are born with it.

Ask the Afro nations. They are still killing each other.

No, it's still an epidemic.

Theres a pun in there-dont know whether its intentional? lol

lets pray n hope that it does

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