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AIDS question: Can you catch HIV from...?

Wiping yourself off with a previously used piece of toilet paper- gross, I know- but is it possible?

HIV is spread through bodily fluid exchange. Certain bodily fluids carry more materials for transmitting diseases than others. Also, HIV tends to die out with exposure to light and oxygen. Unless you wipe immediately following an infected person, the chances are slim that the scenario you describe will result in the spread of HIV. However, it could result in the transmission of other diseases no matter how long the time period between users.

as you know hiv is one of those std's that is not spreaded from genital to hand to genital.
your case is from genital to paper to genital
more over urine and feces does not contain hiv.
so dont worry
there is no risk to hiv infection
good luck

Yes! Vey easily. Beaceuse your butt is open to the inside of you r body.


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