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Can 2 two clean guys with no STD/HIV/AIDS get any of them?

Im worried about this. As a guy guy, Im curious if two clean guys have sex, can they get HIV/AIDS or and STD, and if so, how to prevent it

It takes one of the guys to have an STD in order to pass it on. STSs don't come from thin air.
If two clean guys have sex and they know they are 100% STD free then they should have nothing to worry about.

If neither person has any STDs, there's no way that either of them can get an STD by having sex with each other. However, remember that some STDs including HIV have no symptoms soon after infection, and may take time to show up on tests, so it is possible that either person could be infected and not know it. Condom use or abstinence are the only ways to prevent sexual transmission of STDs, including HIV.

Gender doesn't matter. If two people have both been tested and are both negative for any diseases and choose to have sex, they should be fine.

There is an exception with HIV because it can not show up right away on a test. You should talk to your doctor about that.

If both guys are clean, there is no way anything can happen. But if either guy had been with someone else, please both go get a full HIV/STD screening, after those results, have a ball! Just don't go outside the relationship- or if you do use protection.

it doesn't matter if you are gay or straight, in order to catch anything (stds or hiv )one of the sexually active people has to have something to pass it on
if you are that worried contact your local clinic and they will test you

Prevent it by using condoms. And make a 100% sure the other guy is clean. That is with anyone. Also, remember that who ever they have slept with you will be sleeping with too.

No, STD鈥檚 don鈥檛 just come from thin air, they must be contracted. In order to help prevent getting an STD I suggest wearing a condom.

You鈥檙e Good Friend.

-Ryan M

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