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Can you catch HIV from a handshake or tapping someone's knuckle's?

Today, I shaked this person's hand (which I don't even know what possessed me to do that considering I'm so ocd about germs), anyway, I shook his hand and when I did I noticed that there was a fresh looking cut on his hand/finger. It's might've been on his middle finger/knuckle but I'm not sure. When we were done I didn't see anything on my hand. I also have some cuts on my hand and sores form overwashing. I didn't see anything in them and they're starting to heal. The cut on his hand was smallish but it looked kind of bright red (like it just happened) but at the same time it looked dried (but I'm not 100% sure if it was). What if some of his blood (even thought wasn't profusely bleeding or anything) got into a sore/cut of mine?

Then, later in health class, this speaker came to talk about HIV/AIDS. He works for a clinic or something or an organization for it or something. After he was done, I was telling him how I was so paranoid over it and how I freak out over a handshake. Then he said "Well, you can just knuckle them" and so he knuckled me. I don't think I saw anything on his knuckles or anything. And I didn't see anything on my hand afterwards. But what if after touching these 2 people's hands I accidentally wiped blood off or something? I also shook another person's hand in theatre (before I left) and I shook the man's hand again before I left (the one with the cut). I'm usually not this touchy with people so I don't know why I was touching all these people's hands today.

Do you think it's possible I could've caught anything? I know, I sound stupid and ignorant. I know how HIV is spread, but I have really bad ocd, so just humor me and answer my question please.

Thank You!

NO you cannot get HIV through a hand shake, hug, holding, or any sort of affection. You can only contract HIV through body fluids, blood transfusion, needles and through birth (if you mother has it). What you need to do is seek help, I am not saying this to be mean but if you over wash your hands constantly and you believe you have HIV by shaking someones hand, these are signs of OCD. You should seek help and find a therapist. It is for your own well being.

Good luck girl! Feel better :) Report Abuse

You are fine. Carry germex hand sanitizer with you.

unless you had an open wound and so did he, and blood mixed. you are fine!!!

Oh man, you probably have AIDS already! Do you have any discolorations on your skin? That's a symptom! Feeling weak at all? That's a symptom. You'll be dead by next Sunday.


You had the class, of course you can not catch HIV with a handshake, bump, hug, or other casual contact. You're being ridiculous. If your OCD is that bad, see your psychiatrist more often.

HIV is not transmitted by casual contact, nor is it transmitted by saliva. It is spread by unprotected sex with an infected person, sharing needles for drug use with an infected person, and from mother to baby at birth or breastfeeding.

You can touch, hug, or even kiss an infected person and not get infected yourself.

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