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Do you believe we should Aid Africa?

I believe we should but not by giving them food. Since their people can't keep their legs closed i think we should start dropping condoms out of planes instead of rice. That way they will stop spreading HIV and having kids they can't afford. Also, have hospitals sterilize the men or castrate them so they can stop raping their women.

OMG they have sex in Africa. What terrible people. Racist. Good solution- starve them, but the won't get pregnant or STDs.

Lets starve them and steralize them? Wow, that would be genocide when you think about it. You can't do that. I agree, the people shouldn't have 12 kids when they can't feed themselves, sure, but the only way to stop that is through education.

Now, when you say "stop raping their women" I doubt the whole continent of Africa is full of rapists.

I think that the rest of the world ignores it is because there is nothing there for them. If Africa was full of oil, every country would be tripping over itself to help them. The problems over there are due to corrupt governments. Countries do send aid, not enough, because it ends up in the hands of corrupt leaders and gorrilla groups who exlploit thier own people to get more aid. It never goes directly to the people.

Considering that 5.4 Million people have died so far, and that they are on pace for 10 Million in 3 more years - I think that something with twice the casualties of the Holocaust should be something of concern.

It's bad, it's very bad over there. All of the aid we send there is going to the wrong places, and it seems that nobody can restore order in the Congo. I hate to say it, but life & nature's natural cycle will eliminate them and hopefully a more peaceful society will emerge.

I honestly do not mind helping others. BUT we need to help ourselves first. The United Nations can get off their butts and provide aid. There is ZERO reason for America to shoulder the burdens of the rest of the world alone. Let Europe and other Nations "Help" for awhile. I hate to say it but they are killing themselves "You can lead a horse to water but you can not make him drink".

I agree with you, the sad thing is that we are doing the same thing in this country! Only in most cases here it isn't the raping of women, just stupid women who keep having kids to get a bigger check and more food stamps. May if we figure out how to control it here then we could help them!

i think yes, but under conditions.
like not to do anymore what you said about them. that is ugly.
if they repeated it then no AID at all.

Shouldnt we worry about amercia first?

Any aid the governemnt ever gives is only a bandaid on a gash. it doesnt fix the cause, only the symptoms.

But i think your right on track with your idea of aid ;)

They have a large nuclear facility that's been robbed several times that's why we give them aid. We're trying to keep their cooperation with us don't kid yourself it's for humanitarian reasons.

Giving to other countries is why we're broke now. We should stop giving and stop spending and then your tax dollars would be your again.

I do believe that is a form of genocide...of course, it sounds like you are okay with that from your question/comments...try educating yourself before making such biased questions/comments...

Africa should tend to its own problem; kick out the corrupt leader and put in checks and balances that will help the country as a whole grow and prosper.

I totally agree!

By reducing their population, things can only get better.

O would be perfect.

WOW.. All great answers so far, I was thinking I was alone it Taking care of ourselves first. Thanks America.

The land is very fertile there, if they can't make a living then that's their problem

Wow, that's some help. Wouldn't it be easier to just nuke them then to get it over with?

they already have plenty of aid's

AMEN to that!

humph and you it was right it was right to enslave ppl hence taking properties
sure its screwed how would you feel if the tables where some ppl can be so insensitive no one ask to be poor

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