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A great topic for presentation(health class)/?

i have to do another presentation in my health class, but i ran out of idea, i've done some b4 in eating disorder, and another one in hiv and aids.. can anyone help me please..

drugs, eating disorders, drunk driving, alcohol... are all boring! do something totally different!
how about thrichorillomania? the hair pulling disorder.
How about the $hit they put in your cereals, your drinks, your food that YOU dont know about? two great sources for these are Natalies videos on you tubes psychetruth channel. heres the link...
search thru and itll have stuff about what im on about youll see its very interesting.

and gillian mckeiths "what not to eat" tv show. the kids will think twice before getting a coke and hamburger. for example did you know what one of the ingredients in some energy drinks its the poop from bats?
the title can be...
"If you are what you eat, how do you know what you are?" The TRUTH about our everyday foods.

your teacher is an idiot... trichotillomania is associated with inyphalagia(nail biting) darmatillomania(skin picking) and anothe rone starting with D thats similar. Report Abuse

Well, I went to medical assistant school,and found a lot of great things.prob one that is prett interesting is Fibromyalgia,it only occurs in women,most often.its pain in the tissues of our skin, i happpend to be diagnosed with it,it is kinda odd to say it hurts to put makeup on bc of the pain,and depression comes along with it.Well,hope i gave ya some idea.good luck either way.

How about the money generated from the diet industry. All the fad diets, magic pills to "burn fat", special fad equipment, or clothing that will melt the fat away. This is a multi million dollar industry!

Physical differences between boys and girls and I don't mean the obvious. I was just reading how women have a greater blood flow in their brian and that at the end of the day they are able to process info better where men tend to shut down and do something brainless like channel surf.....Also the hypo-campus is larger in women making them better able to multitask. There were several other things. A lot of them explained why men and women act differently.

Another thing I have always wondered about....not trying to be racist but some sports are dominated by blacks and some by whites. Why is this? Are there some traits besides skin color that give one race an advantage?

Those are my suggestions!

Do one about Spontaneous Human Combustion.
Oh, or do one about teen pregnancy.
Or how about alcohol and the whole lowering the drinking age debate.

Just off the top of my head.

talk about the effects of various drugs on the human body, crack, caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, katamin ect

Do a presentation on how the rate of teen pregnancy has gone up so much (include known causes and stuff) i did this topic and got 100%

Hope I Helped

I had to do that this year too and I did "suicide"

I got some great reviews.

a very interesting topic

hand hygiene,
smoking/ lung cancer


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