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Why is HIV/AIDS such a problem for the LGBT community?

Why is HIV/AIDS such a problem for the LGBT community?

Actually in the lesbian community we have the lowest prevalence of HIV/AIDS!

Its a problem in the gay male community because schools and other institutions fail to teach safe sex practices for homosexuals. Its ridiculous. However we are active in trying to stop this and if you come to any pride event you will see we are doing our part. The real question is why isn't the government and school systems doing theirs!

Us in the Gay community are laughing. When aids first appeared the religious bigots decided it was gods punishment for being gay.

Now the table is turned, its into the straights. Now us gays can say, its Gods punishment for not being gay. On your knees straight boy.

The disease is a problem for everyone but some of the first incidents of aids cases were from gay men and that's why people thought it was just a gay disease and it was known as the gay disease at first too.

It's just as much of a problem for heterosexual couples than it is for gay men. It comes from sharing body fluids or needles. I'm getting annoyed that people only think that gay men are getting HIV, not true.

Because too many in the LGBT community are foolishly having unprotected sex. This whole barebacking scene is harmful to the LGBT community in my view.

it's a problem for everybody. but right now, its a bigger problem among teens (15-19) of all sexualities. they made up 40% of new infections this year in the united states.

Unprotected sex.

It's also a problem for the straight folk.

promiscuous sex

How is it a problem? I'm not really getting what you are asking. If your talking about the infection rate of gay men, then um I don't know, use your head! HAVING SEX WITHOUT PROTECTION. Bimbo!

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