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Can you give someone HIV/AIDs without getting it yourself ?

You can give someone other STI's without getting it yourself.. e.g genital warts.
So what about STD's ??

Because where did the first HIV/AID's virus come from ??

In order to give someone HIV or any other STD, you must have it yourself. You can not get HIV or other STDs from someone who is not infected. The problem is that many STDs, including HIV, do not have symptoms soon after infection, so many people pass the STDs on without realizing that they themselves are infected.

HIV is transmitted through unprotected sex with someone who is infected, sharing needles for drug use with someone who is infected, or it can be transmitted by a woman to her child through birth or breastfeeding. It is not transmitted through saliva or casual contact.

HIV was originally a virus found in a monkey (SIV). The virus mutated and somehow infected a human. have to have it yourself to pass it on. If you go with the whole evolution theory, I suppose there was an original virus that mutated time and time again creating new, separate viruses. If you go by creation, then I suppose God created it. So, the answer is; no one really knows how it started. It's kind of like asking where the first duck, rose, tree, fish....came from. But no, you actually have to have and STD (even though you might not have symptoms, you can still be carrying the virus) to pass it on.

the first HIV/AIDS came from a monkey if i'm not mistaken but I think the only way you can give it to someone else without getting it yourself is if you 1) get bodily fluids with someone on your hands and touch someone else...idk how else it would work...

No. A person must be HIV+ to pass it on to another person.

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