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Can u catch hiv/aids through spit?

alsomy hand is all mesed up with a needle could i get something from that needle

yes you can BUT you would need gallons and gallons of that stuff....

also with sweat....

but i doubt that you would drink that much spit and that much sweat....

No- saliva is not infectious unless it contains visible blood. Even if there would be visible blood, it would have to somehow get into another person's blood stream. The mouth is a very inhospitable environment for the HIV virus because of various enzymes in the saliva. That is why kissing is not a risk for HIV transmission.

blood, thru blood is how it is transfered.

if you had open sores in your mouth or on your body and an infected person spit in your open sore with a mouth full of blood from whatever reason (bleeding gums or busted mouth...) then it is possible but unlikely it would/ could happen.

Here's how you can get AIDS/HIV.

no through spit, yes through needles

yea you could. but only if it gets in your mouth or gets in contact with your blood.


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