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This is a serious question!

What happens if my dog eats my blood?


Call your vet and ask them.

dogs do not get HIV/AIDS.. that disease infects primates (humans, chimps, etc)

There are a few diseases that can be transferred from dog to human, but ussually the dog is more likely to contract them first! Things like Lepto, Brucellosis, etc.

Nothing will happen if your dog eats your blood.. but why are you leaving blood around? That's unsanitary, expecially if you know its infected.

No. Dogs are not susceptible to the viri that cause AIDS in humans. This is not to say that dogs can not contract other kinds of immunity disorders. These in turn are not contagious to humans.

As far as I know animals can't get STDs but I think I heard once that there is type of pandas(?) that have some sort of STD they pass around. But I don't think that a dogs have it or can get it from humans.

Nope. HIV/Aids is a primate disease, and cannot to transmitted to canines.

That being said, assuming you aren't a troll, why do you leave infected blood laying about?

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