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Do you feel sympathy for those who contracted AIDS/HIV?

I'm sorry, I do not.

I feel if you weren't cautious, then you obviously you deserve to contract it.

So there is no confusion:

Contract, " to get or acquire, as by exposure to something contagious: to contract a disease."

your a jerk plenty of people are still around who got it from tainted blood transfusions , who were rapped , who had a cheating partner that infected them , that they didnt know was cheating some people didnt know that they had it , you could be cautious and still be a victim you need to get a life jerk

just because you have a disease does not mena you got it form sex or cheating! there are many OTHER ways of getting it!!! Report Abuse

I feel sorry for the wives and husbands who were faithful and trusted their partners. I feel sorry for the women and men, and children who were raped and contracted this disease. And how about those poor people who recieved blood transfusions with the disease.

As an educator for HIV, yes I do feel sorry for HIV+ people. What about the wife that become infected by a husband that she thought was faithful. She had no idea what was going on, yet she is now infected. How can you not feel sorry for her.

What about the child that became infected because the mother was shooting up drugs and sharing needles, and didn't get proper medical treatment during the pregnancy?

What about the girl or guy that was raped?

ALl these people who have become infected didn't have a choice in what happened and they have HIV. Are you so cold hearted that you have no sympathy for them?

If someone is out there and having unprotected sex of their own free will and they become infected, I say it is their own fault for not taking care of themselves. I do have sympathy that they didn't think they could be at risk. But with all the knowledge we have now, people need to feel they are at risk and use protection.

Dear have no sympathy for the sick:

HIV and AIDS is just like any other disease. Something is wrong with the body that prevents the infected from a normal life style. It's similar to the common cold except that fact that with the virus, your cold will not get better with normal medication.

It is a tragedy. We think people are monogomous relationship people. One relationship at one time, but the world don't work that way. If someone have the disease, they don't know about it and it spreads via sexual contact. Is it their own fault? I don't think so.

It is the virus that we must hate. Compassion we must have.

A person will not know the pain of another until they are in the shoes of the suffering. A healthy person will not know the pain of the cancer patient undergoing chemo therapy. The emotional distress and the physical pain. Those that are infected by the HIV virus are labeled by the negative first impressions of the disease: Dirty, slut, walking human plague... While we forget that anyone person may caught this disease at any time if the virus enters our blood stream.

This is how the first HIV cases started. Healthy people sharing dirty needles via blood transfusion. Thousands and millions died already, families destroyed, hopes crushed for a normal life, pain, suffering, fear, hate growing every single second, every day. Compassion, is what I feel. Among all this chaos, what everyone one needs is love, a home to return to after a days work, family members and friends living a normal life until the end of our days.

These people cannot afford the treatment for a cure (except the super rich). Without treatment, the survival rate decreases. Diseases starts weighing down on these people's body, psyche, financially and social stigma. Isn't this sad?

While everyone is obliged to their opinions, I have my own. I feel sympathy for those who have the disease. Not only because they have the disease, but the fact that they must live with it and I can't do nothing to save them.

May god bless the suffering and release them from their prisons of torment.

I don't think anyone deserves to get HIV (virus that can lead to AIDS), even if they get infected because they made a poor choice. All humans make mistakes. Also, drug addiction is very powerful. People often do things during drug addiction that they would not do otherwise, such as having sex for drugs or money. I don't think these people deserve to get HIV, either.

How do you feel about those who contract HIV through rape? Do they deserve it?

sometimes things happen to good and careful relationships, people get cheated on and end up catching something ; they could have been completely monogomous, careful, and thought they were in a loving relationship..and they ended up getting something, did they deserve it? ..diseases werent for people that just "had sex with everyone and didnt give a damn"...there are people in this world that are BORN WITH HIV/ about them did they deserve it??no one deserves something like that!! and no one deserves to suffer..we all all human and we tend to make dumb decisions..but its wrong to tell someone YOU DESERVE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU BECAUSE YOU WERENT CAREFUL
think about what you say and HOW you say it before you speak upon it..because you dont know someone's life and backround to be so judgmental and heartless

I don't feel sorry for most people who end up with STD's. I do feel sorry for the people who were in a monogamous relationship and were cheated on. The other people I feel sorry for are the ones who receive a blood transfusion that is tainted because the hospital wasn't doing their jobs properly.

THat is bullshit. if your husband goes out and ***** someone else and brings it home - she thinks everything is okay never second guessed him- and boom she gets it. That is not her fault. but you what if i got it, i would be depressed for a minute but i wouldnt kill myself over it, al it is, is your cells dying a hell of alot faster than they would. i dont think its as painful as sickle cell or getting your arm chopped.

I have HIV and I have HIV because I did not protect myself.. Do I need support.. yes.. do I need help... you bet.. but do I need sympathy.. NO WAY.... Life is perfect.. take care in what you say.. often we become what we are most afraid of...

But in the end.. we all die.. so what is the problem..

of course I do.
Some people go into a situation with the intention of haivng what they think is safe sex with a person.
You can get it from lots of situations, however.
Tattoos, accupuncture, sex, anal sex, oral sex, blood transfusions ect.

I deffinately do feel sympathy. Why would you wish that on someone,no matter how slutty?

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