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Is it 'LUST' for gay men to have sex? Or is it Nature?

Nature obviously but some people see it differently because...well...they're stupid.You do realize why gay MEN have more sex that heterosexual couples or lesbian couples right? It is because they are MEN.The fact that they have more sex isn't because they are gay, it's because they are MEN, men by nature are more sexually active than women. It's in their genetic code.

-If you take a heterosexual couple for example, they aren't going to have that much sex because the woman isn't as interested in it as the man is.

-In lesbian couples, the women are the same, they aren't going to be as interested in sex as men are.

-In gay male couples, they are going to obviously be more sexually active because in their genetics to be more sexually active.

It's all science, it also explain why AIDS/HIV is more rampant in the gay community because of the fact they have more sex, the more sex, the more prone you are to getting an STD. Simple math here folks.

So are you still going to stand there and say that God is punishing these people and that homosexuality isn't natural? Heck, french fries and ketchup good great together, is it natural? No. But they still taste great together even if they weren't naturally meant for each other. Yes, I just compared food to homosexuality, but I felt it would better my question/argument.

Okay I'll admit it, even someone like ME should know that some women are just as sexually active as men. Not to say I'm a skank or anything, I'd never cheat on the love of my life, but I'm certainly no prude....

Lust is human nature not limited to any particular sexual preference.

Cinn =)

A joke that a gay friend told me once :

What does a lesbian take on a second date? A U-Haul.

What does a gay man take on a second date? What second date?

The point is that men are less commitment-oriented, by nature, than women are. I don't think it's 100% true, as a committed gay man told me the joke, but there is a lot of truth in it, nonetheless.

I'd agree in general while pointing out that not all women have a reduced interest in sex than men.

Those men and women who were raised not to be ashamed of natural sexual desires and aren't prudish about the act probably won't conform to your characterization.

Never thought of that. Hmmm. Maybe because I am straight. I'll have to ask my gay friend on that one. Maybe he does 'get it' more than I do.

BTW, I am married. Yes sex has slowed down since we have gotten married. But I do have 2 children. That does 'slow things down' too.

It's both, lust is part of nature, you can't separate them. As you say, it's in their genetics code, and nobody has control over their genes.

the ones who answer lust lie - they are mainly the bigots who make this claim as they love to stereotype others and to lie
"homosexual" was a term coined in 1868 so it can't be a sin or in the bible but it was added in 1946 I found out earlier, the bibull is mistranslated and misunderstood

Lust is natural, and when looking at monkeys, downright hilarious

Ah, "lust", a word invented by the religious to create an artificial separation between love and sexual desire.

All sex requires lust. If not, you're doing it wrong.

Your question is just full of stereotypes and 1/2 truths. Believe it or not some women are just as interested in sex as men. It's true.

Wow, I never thought I'd see Feminazi-style arguments here.

If you honestly think that women aren't interested in sex, I'm not so sure you're a woman at all.

"Alot of women I've met aren't as interested so I came to that assumption, forgive me but GOD DAMMIT DON'T YOU CRUCIFY ME!!! "

But yes, men are horn-dogs. It's a fact. Haha.

It is neither lust nor natural...It is abomination and sodomy, stupid potty mouth.

Lust IS natural. And a good thing.

You just answered it yourself in that big loooong book that you just wrote.


Great! Now I want french fries.

....and I'd like to eat them off of Eric K's chest! =]

nature, although there are other factors

That's what I tell everyone.... Gays just have more sex because young guys are horny more of the time! I don't think I'd like being straight!

lust isn't for gays

Err...I'd say both.

i would think lust

Absolutely correct, in general. It's the evolutionary push to spread male seed as far as possible, whilst women have evolved to nurture children. Put two men together and...

If anyone's going to say homosexuality isn't natural, then god, if he IS the creator, certainly fouled up when he created me, and he seems to do that quite a lot. So much for a perfect god.

HIV/AIDS is more rampant amongst homosexual men because we have more sex, but the important point there is more sex with more sexual partners. It doesn't spread if you stick with the same one. The urge to spread the seed again.

Never mind ketchup - I much prefer mayonnaise on my chips (french fries in Brit-speak - we call potato chips, crisps). If you've never tried it, do. I love them that way while walking down the street in Amsterdam (the Dutch came up with the idea!)

By your argument then it is justified when a man steps out on his wife because it is in his genetic code to be more sexually active than women, and if they aren't getting it at home then heck, why not get it somewhere else?

AIDS is more rampant in homosexual communities not because they have more sex, but because anal penetration causes cuts and damage which make it easier for the aids virus to enter the blood stream. It is relatively hard to pass on AIDS strictly through sex, and that is why it is also more rampant among drug users who share needles. Its all about the entrance.

French fries and ketchup do go great together, btw.

There is nothing natural about it. In the eyes of God, it is a sin. You already know this. And so does everyone who keeps asking the same question, over and over, wanting a different answer.

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