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If you got aids/hiv do you have trouble breathing and shortness of breath?

and does it show on x ray??


If you were infected with HIV today it would take years (and most likely MANY years) for you to have obvious symptoms of lung infections (trouble breathing, SOB). It takes time for the immune system to be made so weak by HIV that infections (possibly already) present in the lungs turn to serious disease (pneumonia). Most symptoms are the same without respect to cause: cough, shortness of breath, fever. These are common symptoms of many unrelated medical conditions.

If you had a lung infection, there would most likely be evidence on a CXR (chest x-ray) though that is not always the case. There are a range of tests that may be necessary including a lung biopsy, bloodwork, etc..

If HIV (a weakened immune system) is the culprit: TB, pneumocystis pneumonia, cytomegalovirus, mycobacterium avium complex, influenza, among other more rare causes are the possible infectious agent responsible.

Yes. Opportunistic infection with the protozoan organism, Pneumocystis carinii is common in people with HIV/AIDS and other diseases such as leukemia and lymphoma. This is a type of pneumonia characterized by fever, shortness and/or difficulty in breathing and x-ray shadow on the lungs. High doses of antibiotics may be needed and recurrence is common. Diagnosis is done by microscopic examination of the sputum or lung biopsy.

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Essentially what you need to know is that AIDS attacks your immune system. Therefore you become more susceptible to all kinds of problems. Subsequently it's possible that you could contract a bacterium or virus that might cause trouble breathing and shortness of breath but that is not a direct side effect of having AIDS or HIV.

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