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The US government started the cover-up almost from the very beginning, after retrieving the wreckage of a flying saucer and bodies of its occupants from Roswell, NM, in 1947. Following the retrieval, President Truman set up a top-secret council of 12 leading scientist, military men, and politicians as a policy-making body to deal with the UFO question. This council was known as MJ-12.
The 鈥淢J鈥?stands for 鈥淢ajestic鈥?or 鈥淢ajority,鈥?depending on the story teller. Associated with MJ-12 was Project Aquarius, an umbrella project covering smaller projects such as Project Plato and Project Sigma, which deals with communications with the aliens.
At a 1954 meeting with the US Government at Holloman Air Force Base, a race of aliens called the greys revealed that they were just one of nine alien races visiting the Earth. They had come from 鈥淶eta Reticuli鈥?25,000 years ago to influence human evolution through genetic engineering, and now they wanted government help for a scheme to rejuvenate their dying race.
The two sides signed a treaty. The government helped the aliens abduct cattle and humans, (for extraction of body parts and DNA, and for food), and to create hybrids and cyborgs-creatures that were part flesh, part machine. The aliens worked out of secret bases in the US Midwest. Meanwhile, the government was using alien technology to create its own advanced technologies at secret research centers such as Area 51.
MJ-12 operated as a secret government within the government, using experimental mind-control techniques and aliens implants to control and subjugates the human race in preparation for conquest and colonization.
By this time the secret government included the leaders of Russia and other world powers. With alien technology they had established bases on Mars and the dark side of the Moon (hence the name 鈥淒ark Side鈥?. The UN (United Nations) is just a front for their activities.
In order to fund their activities MJ-12 started trading in drugs. JFK was assassinated when he threatened to blow the whistle. Using drugs, guns, and genetically engineered diseases such as HIV, the secret powers seek to eradicate troublesome humans and prepare the population for martial law (When the military takes over the law enforcement).
Eventually a New World Order (NWO) will rule the Earth, using humans as slaves while alien hybrids and cyborgs settle the planet. In conspiracy circles, the NWO is a secret global government that is using the UN as a front to take over the world.
In the wilder versions of the Dark Side myth, the aliens have used time travel to foresee an imminent apocalypse on Earth, and the NWO is preparing to save a chosen few in vast underground bases until the Second Coming.

Its all true, you can see it happening right now.

No. I can safely say that it is not true.

Also, lay off whatever it is you're taking too much of. And stop listening to whoever told you that.

Some has been watching the terminator too much?

WOW. Oooookay. What are you, 12 years old? That entire story is just a vast fictional conspiracy theory. NONE of that is true. And if HIV was genetically engineered to eradicate "troublesome humans" then that means that African Americans must be "troublesome" since we have the highest HIV statisics, right? All conspiracy theories do is encourage racism, paranoia, and mistrust. You have to have your own mind. Seriously...

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