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Health project topics?

I have to make a poster and write 4-10 pages. I need a lenghty topic.

Topics taken:

Teen pregnancy

I did 14+ pages on childhood obesity and how parents are responsible for it, the repercussions of it, and how fast food once a week contributes to an extra 10 pounds a year of weight on children.
Great topic, got an A.

drugs would be it..............because you could also fit pragnancy in there as well as smoking as well as aids

best you look on line as this would take us all night to answer

Alcohol abuse, driving and accidents, Teen depression, eating disorders, steroids, acne, fitness and nutrition, sexuality

Try the issue of antibiotic misuse.

you can write about the physical as well as emotional effects of abortion or abuse...

I would suggest either flesh eating bacteria or ghonneria (sp?).

i would go with drugs

you can find alot of pics and info on net

also good idea for poster go with a human and draw lines to different parts of the body then short discript on how it affects body example one from liver alcohal damages yadayadad..brain drugs create holes yadayada... and so on.

then you can write a short history of drugs then go into detail about the arrows on your poster.

just an idea i hope its some help or at least inspires an idea of your own.

Diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, tuberculosis in unindustrialized countries, obesity, osteoporosis ...

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