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If you have sex with someone that has AIDS, do you automatically get HIV infection, or is there a chance not?

If you have sex with a girl that is HIV-positive and she doesn't come, and you don't bust during intercourse, but you use no condom will you automatically become infected with HIV? Is there a chance that you will not, given that you do not possess a genetic immunity to HIV infection

also, I had a condom on for most of the time, but it fell off and I stopped about 1-2 minutes later

You don't get HIV automatically.. it's a risk that you can never predict..
I have HIV and had sex with guys with no protection before I found out about the virus and thank god they didn't get it but you can't expect this every time.
It's extremely risky. As you said it was couple of mins without the condom... still a chance though. It is harder for guys to get it from a girl, but I would get tested if I was you.

The infection has nothing to do with anybody coming or not... the virus is in the vaginal juices :o) at all times...

Just have the test..for peace of mind.

HIV infection doesnot comes out within a week, HIV positive only resurface after....and remember this...AFTER 10 YEARS of contracting the disease. So let us assume the girl is positive of HIV now which is 2008, so if the virus will live in your body it will give its ugly head on the year 2018. So how old are you then in 2018? The virus will be dormant for 10 years. Meaning it is sleeping there in your body for the last 10 years, it will give no symptoms or sign that you are infected with it. Until the 10 years when your body is already weak and couldn't heal itself anymore then the virus will appear to give you the last rites.

EVEN IF SHE doesn't come your penis is inside her, the secretion coming inside her vagina is engulfing your penis skin, the virus can come inside the head of the penis or through the skin. So the minute you come inside her, the virus has already entered through the opening of the penis.

Statistics state it is a 1 in 1,000 chance through VAGINAL sex and about 1 in 100 with anal sex. BUT the more you are exposed to the virus, the higher your chances become.

i was going to yes unlikely until you mentioned no condom...There is always a chance that person would get AIDS or HIV even if only a little fluid went inside you or her.

Yes!You can get HIV be having intercourse,oral sex, and by the Anal.

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