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Paper pin and HIV infection?


I bought some new furniture and today when moving it from the shop to my house I was poked by a paper pin which was used to keep the sofa cushion covers intact.

I was wondering if it was dirty and may also have poked someone who might be HIV Positive (such as staff in shop or some other customers)

My Question is that:

How long can HIV lives on an object like a "Paper Pin" and can this scenario be a possible risk of HIV infection?

I am too freaked out and worried, can anyone tell me answer for my Question.


Most people here do not know what they are talking about. Get educated about HIV or talk to a therapist about your fear of HIV. I am not saying this to be sarcastic, I am saying out of compassion.

HIV is transmitted ONLY AND ONLY by unprotected vaginal/anal sex, from mother to child, breast feeding and sharing IV for drugs. No reported cases of HIV transmission in ANY other way. The scenario that you described is a NO RISK exposure. Blood or no blood, it is impossible for you to contract HIV from this episode. Feel free to go and get tested to ease your mind but it will be negative and I think no doctor will even prescribe testing for you based on this incident.

Move on.

HIV is a very weak virus and can only survive for a short period of time outside the body. Unless someone was poked with the same pin very recently (i.e. still living blood on the tip), there is no chance. Even if there was recent, HIV positive blood on the tip, the chance of getting the disease is still only an estimated 1/300.

Still, you should be careful pricking yourself again, because there are more easily-transferable, permanent viruses like Hepatitis B. HepB can live for days on an object without dying, and pricking yourself with a contaminated object within that timeframe is more like a 1/3 chance of becoming infected: much greater than the chances of getting HIV.

There is a very low chance that you might be infected with HIV. But there is high chance you can have other disease with that like tetanus. Go to your doctor, its better to act early.

Not that long..... plus you would be surprised how much of the virus it takes to contract HIV.

no u Only need to worry if it had blood on it and the the other blood was infected

Wow - What anxiety disorder do you have? You're fine man.

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