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Risk of HIV infection..?

I want to ask about my risk of being infected through a seroconversing male...
I recently had protected sex with but i exchanged unprotected oral sex with a man 3 weeks ago. I just found out yesterfday that he has recently contracted the hIv virus less than 3 months ago and was seroconversing during my experience with him.
I want to ask what my risk is of being infected in this way. I dont think i had any cuts in my mouth and my oral hygiene is good but i am so worried.
Please , any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I need to add that the man did not *** in my mouth but i did taste precum and i rinsed my mouth out with water after i tasted this.

firstly do not panic
you are very likely to find all is ok but since hiv is passed by an exchange of bodily fluids and guys are releasing a stream of " pre-***" even before ejaculation i would strongly advise that you visit with your doctor and get some tests arranged to clarify where you stand one way or the other.
once again please do not make yourself ill through worry about this. even if someone has sexual intercourse with someone who had full blown aids it will not always be the case that the infection would pass 100% of the time.
best of luck and i hope that all goes well for you.

Call the public health department, You will get confidentiality. You can get tested for HIV. Usually it's contracted via large amt of blood exposure or needles or drug users. In the hospital with known HIV+ patients, if the nurse/doc gets a needle stick, they are given medicine immediately with their consent and are monitered every 6 months. HIV can develop at any time. I'm sorry this happened to you., get checked.Also, if you are healthy, your risk is lower with a one time exposure. But, still, get monitered throughout your life if this is your usual behavior unless you get one partner.

You need to get tested ASAP, and again in 6 months. This is not a good thing, the oral mucosa is the same as the vaginal mucosa.

The b****** new he seroconverted and should have told you. In many states that is a crime, and he needs to be punished. Report it to your local health department.

Pre-*** can carry as much of the virus as if he ejaculated in your mouth. You don't specify this.

The good new is that they have come out with new medication, if you are positive, than can help you live a long life.

Please get tested ASAP, and let your doctor know what happened.

Don't be shy with your doctor, tell him/her everything. Your life depends on this.

There is no data available to give you an answer, in terms of a number or percentage.

HIV put into the mouth is known to be a low risk, but not a zero risk, as there are many published cases of men who have done this, with no other sexual contact, yet have contracted HIV.

reassuring: saliva does have substances in it that can inactivate some HIV virus - probably the reason why transmission through oral sex is rare.

NOT reassuring - if your friend really was seroconverting, then he would have had a viral load of several MILLIONS of copies of virus per ml. this is the MOST infectious time of all.

The bottom line - you had a risky exposure. Yes, you need standard testing now, 6 weeks, 12 weeks, and 6 months.

There is a risk that you could be infected. Get tested. More than 98% of people will test positive within 3 months of the time they were infected, but in rare cases, it can take up to 6 months for someone to test positive.

Jandy is right. Get tested now, and follow their directions to the letter.

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