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Question on HIV please helpp?

1. What are the main routes of HIV transmission? Why can't HIV be transmitted through the air?

2. HIV infection is a fatal infection, but victims are not always killed by the virus itself. They generally die from other diseases that a healthy individual can resist. How does the virus disable the immune system? Be sure to describe the general infection-fighting process and how it is interrupted. Be sure to define any unusual terms. im not doing your homework for you, your health is important, dont you wana know how to stay healthy? TRUST ME YOU DONT WANA REGRET IT LATER !

Looks like homework to me. Try using Google to do your own research.

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    it destroys your t cells who are the soldiers against viral infections,and once they are gone infections kill you.

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    firstly do not panic you are very likely to find all is ok but since hiv is passed by an exchange of bodily fluids and guys are releasing a stream of " pre-***" even before ejaculation...

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    Most people here do not know what they are talking about. Get educated about HIV or talk to a therapist about your fear of HIV. I am not saying this to be sarcastic, I am saying out of compassion. ...

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    Ok dummy, its like this: How many bananas can you pick from an apple tree?


    If it's something very bad they would of told you and gave your tests after tests.but if they gave you gel/cream it will go away soon but you should tell your boyfriend but only if it lasts a ...

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    I was under the impression that all blood was screened for disease/contaminants after donation anyway, so seems pretty unfounded if that's the case.

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    STD education is VERY important in this day and age. Nobody can afford to be sheltered or ignorant of this subject in 2008. To do so is to risk your life. When I went to school the word "...


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