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If someone suffring from hiv infection how can he/she increse cd4 count?

cd4 count is 537 and i also want 2 know how long can i servive thanks

1, keep yourself healthy. 2, start drug therapy. Though, if your Tcells are 534 then you may not need to start drug therapy. Most Dr.'s won't start you on the drugs until your Tcells are 350. When I was pregnant my Tcells dropped to 245. I started the drug therapy and my Tcells are all the way back up to 585 and my Dr. took me off of the drugs (we think my Tcells were low due to the pregnancy).

As far as how long you will all depends on how well you take care of yourself, how you respond to the drugs and how your body handles the HIV. I am showing a high resistance to the HIV and my Dr. feels that I can go 10 - 15 years off of the drugs and live another 30 ot 40 years. Now, that doesn't mean that something can't go wrong in the next few years and I get really sick and die from complication from the virus, but, my odds are low since I respond well to treatment and my body is keeping the virus under control. How long a person lives differs from person to person. I am now 24 and I have had the virus since I was born. A friend of mine is 49 and has also had the virus since they were born. I also know someone who had the virus from birth and died when they were 14. It all depends on the individual.

You can increase cd4 count by starting anti-retroviral therapy. You might not find a day to day variation, but it will significantly improve over months. If cd4 count goes below 500, your immune system will not be able to handle the infetcions, n u may experience minor infections such as oral candidiasis, etc. How long you can survive depends on how well your body can handle infections. So, try not getting sick, take care of your health and start treatment as soon as possible. Take care!

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