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The So-Called "Gay Plague"!?

A question on HIV/AIDS....

First, there's no reason to call it that---EVER... Why do homophobic freaks blame the virus on the gay community? Is this true? Is it just another method of discrimination from these freaks? I once heard the gay community does hold the highest percentage of the infection. Is that true!? Does anyone KNOW the percentages?

Opinions? Explanations? THANX!! =D

It's true that in industrial countres the HIV rates among gay men are higher than those among straight people. For an explanation, read this article:

Of course homophobes like to use the difference of HIV rates to agitate against gay people and some religious people say it's a punishment from God... The term "gay plague" came up in 1981 when AIDS was first recognized, the first recognized cases were all among gay men and no one knew what caused the disease, and also homosexuality was far less socially accepted than it is now, so it was easy for homophobes to say such things.

Worldwide most of the people with HIV/AIDS got infected heterosexually, most of them living in Africa.

This is the common mode of spresd all over the world and accounts for 80 to 90 % of all infected cases. HIV can be transmitted by sexual intercourse (Vaginal, Anal and Oral ) with an infected person. During such contact, HIV can enter a person's blood stream through the vagina, penis or anus. And transmission can occur man to woman, woman to man or from man to man. The efficiency of the transmission by a single sexual exposure is only 0.1 to 1 %. The risk of infection is greater if eithrt partner has another STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseas) like syphilis or herpes, where a sore or lesion is present. Semen or vaginal secretions of an HIV -infected person can come into contact with open sores or ulcers on or near the genitals of the partner and it is easier for the virus to pass into the other persons body. Although commercial sex workers run a higher risk of contracting the infection by the very nature of their profession, any person engaging in high risk behaviour like having sex with more than one partner is also at high risk of getting the infection.


The majority of HIV infections throuhout the world. Has been acquired through sexual intercourse, mostly hetrosexual. The sexual transmission of HIV is dependent upon the type and frequency of sexual behaviour by individuals.

I think we can safely say we all need to be careful here.

Note: I consider myself a Christian and do not say that homosexual activity is right. I do not judge others either! I have friends who could possibly be infected by this horrible disease and they are hetro.

I pray for anyone who has HIV or Aids no matter how they got the disease. As for Christians, what would Jesus do? We are not perfect just saved by grace.

Matt 7:2-5 "For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged [if we judge with an evil heart or dark intent, His judgment of us will reflect it; if we judge nobly and honestly, His judgment of us will reflect that, too], and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you [if we use extremes or exaggerations or other unfair means, our judgment will reflect it].

Relax, the jokes on them.

They can stick their head in the sand if that makes them feel safe.

I see them the same as I see a young child, playing hide and seek, he covers his eyes thinking you cant see him. Which is similar to a person who sees something terrible so they close their eyes and turn away. As if that's going to change anything.

The way I see it, very soon the Gay Plague is going to reach a friend or relative or maybe even them.

How I wish I could video the look on their face as life's reality hits home. God has sent the Gay Plague and its now punishing the faithful. How could God do this to them, they will be asking as they and their love ones slowly die, together yet alone. Victims of the Gay Plague.

Humans have always needed a scapegoat for everything. Don't sweat it. AIDS became known a a gay disease because most males did not use protection during sex. They easily transmitted it to each other. Now that everyone knows that EVERYONE should use protection, it is no longer considered a gay disease because anyone can get it and it's success rate of killing is the same, no matter what your sexual persuasion is.

i thinks its cuz it easy to point the finger. ok so gay ppl have got the blame for it. but if the gay ppl had it how did it get to straight ppl. so it can be anybodys fault. some ppl dont use protection then u get what ur asking for. ppl who do use it then ur all good. i think that instead of ppl blaming gays or anyother ppl they just look in the mirror and relize we all have a part in this and we can help stop the spread by use protection and gettin tested.

It's a form of discrimination.
And it's pretty stupid.
It's not exclusive to gays.
Everyone can become infected.
People just use anything to make others feel down.
Homophobes especially.

Stop asking this question on multiple accounts.

Displacement. It makes people feel better to put a face that is not theirs on it.

i think

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