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Are HIV/AIDS infections on the rise for heterosexual females ?

in relation to heterosexual males

Yes, at least it is true that more females than males in the U.S. have been diagnosed with HIV acquired from heterosexual interactions. Also, the rate of increase is greater for females. The total number of infections acquired heterosexually has been rising steadily since CDC surveillance began.

This is probably all a consequence of the infection being much more easily passed from males to females than from females to males. Females typically receive a few milliliters of virus-laden fluid from an infected man during an unprotected sexual interaction, but males do not receive the same from women.

YEs there is a greater rate of infection. If the sex is unprotected and the male has not been tested he could be clueless that he is infected. Most guys think they can "pick em" and unknowingly become infected.
As for the female if he is HIV+ and she receives his sperm the HIV can live with in her vagina for up to 5 days, where the guys point of entry is the urethra and there is a lesser time frame for the HIV to stay "inside" him.

YES BUT. there an still far more homosexual males that die each year of aids than any other group of people in the usa

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